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The Pantone Huey Monitor Color Calibrator designed for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors – LCD and CRT. Each individual package includes a huey measurement device (emission only colorimeter) with ambient measurement capabilities, and software for monitor calibration.

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PhotoReview.AU reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“Pantone’s huey is very easy to set up and simple and quick to use. It is arguably the cheapest, simplest, fastest and most accessible monitor calibration device on the market. The profiles we obtained worked satisfactorily with our printers and we found no conflicts with our editing software…Although serious photographers will probably be frustrated by the over-automation of the calibration process and the lack of meaningful controls, Pantone’s huey should suit photo hobbyists who are just starting to need colour management. “

Buytv Review of Pantone Huey

NorthernLightImages reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“Very easy to use and set up. Profiles produced a noticeable improvement in displays…At the price, it’s going to be popular, but I do take serious issue with the degree that the interface/help has been dumbed down, to the point of not including useful information that might help people make better and more consistent use of the product.”

Photo-i reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“The huey is very easy to set up and use, it produced a pleasing (but not totally accurate) colouring on my LG LCD screen, you can see a difference in screen display colouring when the huey profile is compared to one created with a Spyder Pro 2. At £59 the huey represents good value for money, and it will appeal to the keen hobbyist who doesn’t want to splash £140+ out on a Spyder.”

Adorama reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“HUEY has finally made it easy and inexpensive for anyone who owns a computer to see accurate image color on their monitor. It is simple to use, and it works. If you own a compact digital camera, EVF, or consumer-grade DSLR, and you regularly look at your photos on your monitor, HUEY has burst on the scene as a must-have accessory.”

IGN reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“The Huey also has obvious relevance to anyone working with Photoshop or other editing software, as standardized color settings are critical to ensuring that a picture will look the same on different computers and in print…Perfectionists will appreciate the fact that they will get to experience the exact colors that game designers intended, and the less hardcore can appreciate the ease with which a monitor can be configured with a 5 minute session with the Huey.”

MacNN reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“It’s amazing I ever printed any decent looking photos. I spent countless hours color editing, when I needed a monitor color calibration tool. The bottom line is, if you want to edit your photographs, you need to calibrate your monitor, and the PANTONE huey is the best and most cost-effective solution.”

MacCompanion reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
Target Audience: Macintosh and Windows users who desire more accurate color from their monitor(s), including amateur and professional graphic designers, digital photographers and other prosumers. Strengths: Priced right for users on a budget. Easy to install, setup and use. Makes monitor calibration a no-brainer, no more guessing. Multi-lingual installation instructions. Weaknesses: No instructions about how to use the huey-calibrated monitor or further information about color management.”

ShockGadgets reviews the Pantone Huey an writes;
“If you are a professional looking for perfect colours on your monitor, but without splashing out hundreds of pounds, the Huey is the way to go. Good solid manufacturing and an intuitive user interface make this a sound investment. Don’t expect perfection at this price, but it is a whole load better than using the default settings.”


Pantone “huey” monitor calibrator

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