Panorama Stitching Software Panoweaver 6.0

panorama-stichingEasypano Holdings Inc has recently released Panoweaver 6.00 Professional and Panoweaver 6.00 Batch. With Panoweaver 6.00 you can stitch spherical panoramas from fisheye photos and stitch cylindrical panoramas from single-row/multiple-rows of photos. The software also supports HDR panoramas.

Panoweaver 6.00 is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish for US$499.95 / 499.95€

Press Release

Shanghai, China (April 24th, 2009) – Easypano Holdings Inc, a leader in panorama and virtual reality technology, is pleased to announce the availability of Panoweaver 6.00 Professional and Panoweaver 6.00 Batch, which offer the ability to stitch both cylindrical and spherical panoramas from single-row/multiple rows of digital photos or fisheye photos.

Main features of Panoweaver 6.00:
1.Support automatic stitching and manual stitching
2.Recognize the lens type automatically
3.Stitch spherical panoramas from fisheye photos
4.Stitch cylindrical panoramas from single-row/multiple-rows of photos
5.Support creating HDR panoramas
6.Support stitching Camera RAW files
7.Convert HDR to LDR image
8.Support two blenders: PWBlend and Smartblend
9.Stitch 16 bit panoramic image
10.Right click stitching
11.Save unfinished project
12.Output single panoramas to Flash, QuickTime and Java players
13.Batch stitch up to 100 groups of photos to panoramas (available in 6.00 Batch)
14.Batch export panoramas in Flash, QuickTime and Java players (available in 6.00 Batch)
As “possibly one of the simplest and easiest panoramic image stitching programs” (, 2006), Panoweaver is being used by thousands of professional photographers, amateurs and multimedia designers. It helps creating perfect 360*180 degree spherical panoramas for print, interactive exhibitions in Flash, QTVR and Java player.

Panoweaver has always been an easy-to-use application, which stitches panoramas automatically. Panoweaver 5.00 has already supported fisheye photo stitching function; while in Panoweaver 6.00, cylindrical panorama stitching is provided. Fisheye photo stitching function is often used by professional photographers, because FOV of the fisheye photos usually reaches 180 degrees vertically and 360 degree horizontally, enabling creation of a full sphere. Spherical panoramas have high quality and contain every detail of the virtual place. Normal photo stitching can be used by almost every one, and the shooting process is also simple and requires no special shooting skills.

Panoweaver 6.00 is also developed to meet the needs of users in following fields:

Real Estate: Feature tours are widely used to display properties in 360 degrees. With Panoweaver 6.00, users can create 360 spherical panoramas (for those who have got fisheye lens) and cylindrical panoramas (for anyone who has got a digital camera) efficiently, and build single panorama tours in Flash, QuickTime and Java players. Then easily upload the panorama tours to websites like, or embed them in users’ own websites.
Tourism: 360 panoramic tours can be built for hotel, restaurant, shopping centers and many other places that are associated with tourism.
Exhibition, museum and other events: A panoramic tour is more than thousands of words for “describing” the event at the specific location.
College: College panoramic tours are also quite popular for showing the unique features of the college campus.

Availability & Pricing

Panoweaver 6.00 is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, for Windows® at the following prices:

– Panoweaver 6.00 Professional: US$499.95 / 499.95€
– Upgrade to Panoweaver 6.00 Professional from 5.00 Professional: US$200.00 / 200.00€
– Panoweaver 6.00 Batch: US$999.95 / 899.95€

For further details on Panoweaver 6.00, please go to: or contact

About Easypano

Founded in November 2001, in Shanghai, China, Easypano has been developing and marketing panorama software, virtual tour software and solutions, which enable individuals and companies to produce colorful and attractive VR contents of their own.

Easypano develops and markets virtual tour software and solutions that enable individuals and companies to produce VR contents, which are widely used both in business promotion (e.g. hotel, real estate, tourism, company/store virtual tour, cruise ships, cars, etc) and virtual presentation and management area (emergency response, security rehearsal, law enforcement, facilities management, mapping, insurance, government, city tour). We never stop improving and regularly upgrading our software, so that our customers will receive the best service.

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