Pandigital PAN602-B Digital Picture Frame

Pandigital PAN602-B is a 6-Inch Digital Picture Frame features 128 MB internal memory, memory card reader for easy viewing, 400 x 234 high-resolution picture display, 300:1 Contrast Ratio, Calendar, Photo slideshow, built-in USB port, and Internal stereo speakers. This digital photo frame also supports CF, MD, MS, MMC, SD, and xD memory cards, and USB Thumb Drives; Plays AVI, JPEG, and MP3 media files. The Digital Photo Frame measures 11 x 10.5 x 2.5″ and weight 4 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Pandigital PAN602-B Digital Picture Frame User Reviews

Awesome frame if you get the right one
“The people giving 1 star do in fact have a bad frame. It happened to me also , I got one as a gift the pic quality was awful. then i went back to Macy’s and exchanged it. This is really excellent frame and all if you get one from the “good” run. if you want to know if you got a good frame look at the electrical plug: if its 5V its crap if its 9V its $$$. Truly i would have written a terrible review for this unless i exchanged it. Trust me for the $ this is an awesome frame just make sure you get one from a good batch/run.” – By ESQ
Rating: ★★★★★

Great photo frame-IF you find the right model
“I agree with the previous writer who found his first experience with this product terrible. Following his advice, I compared the two models at Macy’s. Both models were on display and there was a definite difference in picture quality between the 5 Volt (Model 602-W) and the 9 Volt (Model 602-B), the 602-B being far sharper and with greater color intensity. I’ve since noticed most Pandigital models on sale use a 9 Volt AC adapter. If you can find the 602-B on sale, it’s a very good value.” – By Jersey Guy
Rating: ★★★★☆

Vivid image – easy to use and organize
“I’ve had experience with these sorts of frames by other manufacturers in the past – and it was not enjoyable. This one is a clear exception. The ability to dump pre-organized photos onto the frame via USB cable from your computer, couldn’t be easier. And once there – this frame offers the ability to select multiple photos and delete them through the frame, instead of the cumbesome one-at-a-time or ALL delete functions on other frames. The image quality is great – and the big test: the grandparents figured out how to use it! “ – By C. Wood
Rating: ★★★★☆

Expert Reviews

Pandigital PAN602-B Digital Picture Frame Expert Reviews

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Pandigital PAN602-B Digital Picture Frame User Manual (PDF)

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Features & Specifications

Pandigital PAN602-B Digital Picture Frame Features & Specifications

Share your memories with friends and family by displaying the pictures on the Pandigital PAN602-B picture frame. With a built-in memory of 128MB this Pandigital photo frame allows you to store up to 149 pictures. You can also play your favorite audio tracks on this Pandigital 6-inch frame with its integrated speaker. To offer sharp and crystal clear pictures, the Pandigital PAN602-B picture frame has a resolution of 400 x 234 pixels. To maximize your ease of use this Pandigital digital frame comes with a remote control and operates on AC power. This Pandigital 6-inch frame has the ability to support formats like JPEG, MP3 and AVI.

Key Features
Frame Size: 6″
Compatible Memory Cards: CompactFlash (CF) Card, Compactflash (Type II) Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Microdrive, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital, xD Picture Card
Formats: AVI, JPEG, MP3

Technical Features
Internal Memory: 128 MB
Resolution: 400 x 234 Pixels

Additional Features
Built In Speakers, Built-in Clock, Built-in MP3 Player, Calendar, Photo slideshow

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