Panasonic FZ50/LX2 Firmware Petition

Pavel Kudrys has started an online petition about the new 10 megapixel Panasonic DMC-LX2 and Panasonic DMC-FZ50 digital cameras;


“The main aim of this petition is to “force” the Panasonic to release a firmware update for their very recent prosumer cameras FZ50 and LX2. This new firmware should allow the users to turn the in-camera Noise Reduction (and other picture adjustments, like contrast, saturation and sharpness) completely OFF. The current option to set the picture adjustments to LOW is not enough, because the VENUS III NR is simply too strong and kills many fine details (as you already realized in your preview) and gives the JPEG output very smudgy and watercolor paint look.”

>> Sign the Panasonic FZ50/LX2 Firmware Petition

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