Panasonic DMC LX-1 – Review @ ImagingResource

Imaging Resource recently posted their review on Panasonic DMC-LX1, a 8.4 megapixels camera with CCD chip, RAW support, true native 16.9 wide aspect ratio sensor, and an optical image stabilization. In conclusion they wrote:

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX1

“The Lumix LX1’s images are pretty sharp, with virtually no artifacts from over-eager sharpening or edge enhancement on the camera’s part. (Edge enhancement creates the illusion of sharpness by enhancing colors and tones right at the edge of a rapid transition in color or tone. Too much can coarsen or obscure fine details though.)…The Panasonic LX1 is an excellent little camera, and clearly one of the best bargains on the market in light of its resolution, color, and rich feature set. Its wide angle lens and 16:9 aspect ratio will make it an excellent landscape and vacation camera, making your photos feel like stills from a movie. Hikers should take note. With a Leica lens and a solid built, it is a strong value, and a “Dave’s Pick” to be sure. There’s really nothing else quite like it.”

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