Panasonic DMC-LS2 – Review @ Steve’sDigicams

Steve’sDigicams has reviewed the Panasonic DMC-LS2, a 5.0 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera with 3x optical zoom (35-105mm) and 2″ LCD Screen.


“I was pleased with the overall image quality when using the 5M Fine mode. Both our indoor and outdoor samples showed good exposure and color balance. Its 3xoptical zoom lens offers a typical zoom range of approx. 35-105mm (35mm equivalent.) It helped produce sharp images, with noticeable barrel distortion at wide angle and slight pincushioning at full telephoto. I also noticed some image noise in areas of contrast, but no more than the average consumer model. Indoors, you have to work with in the limited range of the flash, about 12 feet at wide angle. As you use the zoom, this effective range will drop off significantly. We achieved the best results shooting small groups and individual portraits in mid sized rooms, using the mid telephoto range of the lens. “

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