Visions of Science 2005 Award Winners

Vision of Science has announced its 2005 competition winners.

Visions of Science itself is a photographic awards scheme organised by Novartis Pharmaceuticals to encourage ongoing discussion about science.

Here’s the 1st prize winner shot by Jim Greenfield which was photographed at a depth of 10 metres off Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, in 2003 with Nikon F90x, 105mm macro lens, and two flashguns

vision_science winner
Shrimp cleaning the teeth of a lizard fish

Check out other winners here

Download Free Google Picasa

Google Picasa is a photo software for any digital photographers to find, edit, and share all the pictures on PC. Some great features including:

Find the pictures you forgot you had.
Picasa organises your entire collection while you watch, scanning the images on your computer and automatically sorting them by date.


Password-protect collections.
Have photos you want to keep to yourself? You can add passwords to any of your Picasa collections (this does not affect which pictures you and others can see on your computer’s hard drive).

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Discount Online Printing from Photoworks

Photoworks, an online printing service based in Seatle – WA, has just announced their new discount prices on 4×6 and 3.5×5 digital prints for a low price of 15 cents apiece through December 31st.

What you need to do is enter this coupon code at checkout C375-38-5103-31


Canon Developing Fuel Cells for Printers & Cameras

Canon has developed tiny fuel cells that hopefully would replace conventional batteries as the only power for digital cameras and printers in three years.

Fuel-cell technology mixes hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity and is considered a promising replacement for today’s lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used to power a range of mobile products from notebook PCs to mobile phones.

Moreover, Canon is also developing organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays to replace the liquid crystal displays (LCD) it buys from other firms for use in its cameras and printers.

Via: Reuters

Wireless Point and Shoot – Canon PowerShot SD 430

Canon has introduced a wireless point and shoot camera, with 5 mega pixels, DIGIC II processor, 3x optical zoom and a two-inch LCD. The new Canon PowerShot SD430 Digital Elph will be using the 802.11b Wifi standard which make the camera able to sending images to a printer, a PC equipped with a wireless LAN card or a wireless access point device.

Canon PowerShot SD430

You can buy the Canon PowerShot SD430 Digital Elph at the end of January 2006 with the estimated street price of around $500


Photoshop Tutorial: Graduated Blur Effect

Good graduated blur effect using 8 simple steps tutorial by Gary Parish at Deviant Art.

Graduated Blur Effect

Go to Graduated Blur Effect Tutorial.

Canon 35mm f/1.4 L

The Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM is a large-diameter wide-angle lens with f/1.4 capability that optimises brightness. It is the successor to the EF 24mm f/1.4 USM and further complements the Canon L-series of wide-angle lenses. The optical system includes a polished aspherical lens along with a floating element, providing high image quality with outstanding correction for both wide f/1.4 aperture and aberration effects and outstanding definition over the entire image area. In addition, the lens’s ring USM and silent AF operation make it an outstanding L-series lens for both professional and advanced amateur users.

Canon 35mm f/1.4L

REVIEWS (last update: 25.10.05)

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Canon 10-22mm VS Sigma 18-50mm @ 18mm

Klam has posted his sample test of Canon 10-22 and Sigma 18-50mm at FredMiranda forum and commented:

“I conducted the test on an overlapping focal length of 18mm. Since I frequently shot my 18-50 at 18mm, I knew I should try to find something wider, which is the reason that I picked up the 10-22.These 100% crops were shot on tripod, delayed timer, RAW straight converted using Canon DPP.

Both lenses are very decent in the centre. The Canon doesn’t seem to show as much improvement and is quite good “wide open” at f/4.0.

The Sigma looks very soft in the corners at f/2.8. At f/4.0 it improves very slightly but still seems soft. Everything is ok by f/8.0. On the other hand the Canon shows a lot of corner detail even at its “wide open” setting of f/4.0. Overall the Canon is a lot better in the corners.”


- Canon 10-22 VS Sigma 18-50 @ 18mm @ Centre
- Canon 10-22 VS Sigma 18-50 @ 18mm @ Upper left-corner

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM – Review @ BobAtkins tested and reviewed the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM and wrote:

“..lens is sharper at f5.6 than the old lens was at f8. Don’t get carried away though, since despite using a UD glass element, it’s still not as sharp as the 300/4L. Even the new lens benefits by stopping down to f8. With an EOS 20D and at f8, on real world targets, image quality almost approached that of the 300/4L is some shots. However on resolution test charts the 300/4L showed higher contrast and resolution. Still, the performance of the new lens is pretty good.

Canon 70-300mm F4.0 - F5.6 IS USM

..the new EF70-300/4-5.6 IS fits the bill as an ideal “walking around” lens for nature, travel and sports photographers. It’s small enough and light enough to carry around as part of a kit (it would pair well with an EF-S 17-85/3.5-5.6 USM) and the image quality and stabilization are improved enough over the old lens to justify its additional cost. ..”

Download Model Release Template(PDF)

This is a general model release form for models 18+. Please note that depending where you live, model compensation (TFP, TFCD, monentary compensation) may be required for the contract to be binding, which should be covered on another contract/recipt/work order.

Download model relase (PDF)

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