Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G ED DX

Ian Andrews has recently posted a his review on Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G ED DX, The world’s first constant f/2.8 3.2x zoom lens developed exclusively for use with Nikon DX Format, at Ephotozine and writes:


“In summary, the positive points of the Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G ED DX are: Excellent wide-open performance, especially at the wider focal length, Good build quality, Excellent contrast and colour rendition, Good hood included

The negative points area are: Disappointing control of distortion at the wide end, Price, although value for money is relative, Hood useless with on board flashes.

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Burned CDs Life Span

Burning digital photos to CDs is currently the most common thing to do for digital photographers to back up their photos. But according to Kurt Gerecke, a physicist and storage expert at IBM Deutschland, this method is not recommended as many of the cheap burnable CDs available have a life span of around 2 years.

CD Burning

He says, ” Optical discs commonly used for burning, such as CD-R and CD-RW, have a recording surface consisting of a layer of dye that can be modified by heat to store data. The degradation process can result in the data “shifting” on the surface and thus becoming unreadable to the laser beam”

Similar situations are also applied for hard disks. The problem not so much the disk itself as it is the disk bearing, which has a positioning function similar to a ball bearing. Hard Disk with 7200 rpm is recommended if you want your photos last longer.

Download Free Adobe Lightroom Beta

Adobe has announce their latest software for professional digital photographer called Adobe® Lightroom™. The program will help digital photographers to import, select, develop, and showcase large volumes of digital images.


- Download Adobe® Lightroom™ Beta 1
- Watch Adobe® Lightroom™ video tutorial
- Lightroom Beta General Discussion
- Lightroom Beta Feature Requests
- Lightroom Beta Bug Reports

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Nikon D200 Banding Issues

Last Update (12.02.05): Nikon USA and Europe has officially responded to this issue. Go to Nikon D200 banding issue FAQs

Many users of Nikon D200 have reported some banding issues on their images. Here’s a sample of Nikon D200 banding in real life shot:

Nikon D200 Banding Issue
Click on the image to enlarge

Ken Rockwell has responded to Nikon D200 banding issue by saying:

“It’s such a non-issue I’d never have found it if I hadn’t tried to repeat it out of curiosity. I’ve made over 3,000 shots with my D200 and have never seen this except for when I tried to reproduce it.

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Tokina’s AT-X 100mm f/2.8 PRO D Macro Lens – Review by Peter K. Burian

Peter K. Burian just reviewed the Tokina’s AT-X 100mm f/2.8 PRO D Macro Lens with some sample photos at shutterbug and wrote:


“Focusing is not super fast because of the great distance the helicoid mechanism must travel between the infinity position and the minimum focusing distance. The process produces a metallic hum, but it is not loud enough to scare off any potential nature subjects. For longer distance shooting, as in portraiture, the Focus Limiter mechanism can be useful. This lock prevents the lens from trying to focus at very short distances, helping to accelerate the autofocus process.”

Canon EOS 350D XT – Review by George Schaub

George Schaub has recently reviewed the Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT, a DSLR camera with 8 Megapixels CMOS sensor, at Shutterbug and wrote:

Canon 350D

“Image quality overall is quite impressive, easily yielding impressive 11×14” prints, thanks to that 8-megapixel sensor yielding a 24MB file. While some might have to upgrade via the web to open the XT (CR2) raw files in their image-processing software of choice, loading the simple but effective, and included, raw converter in Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software will do the trick. The XT’s success is hard to argue with, as it delivers very good quality images and enough imaging options to keep even the most control-oriented photographer busy.”

39 Megapixels back from Hasselblad

Hasselblad has recently announced the new 39 megapixels CFH-39 back which uses the latest 39 megapixel chip from Kodak. The 39MP CCD sensor is currently the largest sensor commercially available.

The new Imacon back comes as a bundle with the H2 camera, as a stand-alone back in mounts for all major camera systems, and as an integrated back/camera with the H2 body.

Mustek MDC530Z Digital Camera

Mustek MDC530z Digital Camera Introduction

Stylish, Compact Camera Delivers Prosumer Photography Performance at an Entry-Level Price, Captures MPEG4 Movies & Operates as Web Cam


LAS VEGAS, NV – In an aggressive move to position itself for leadership in the competitive five-megapixel digital camera category, Mustek today unveiled its MDC530Z camera boasting 2560 x 1920 resolution, a 2.0 inch LCD, 3X optical zoom AF lens, and exciting MPEG4 moviemaking.

Priced at $179.99 (U.S), the MDC530Z digital camera is currently available at select retailers and on-line sites. It will be on display at Mustek booth #70371 and 70372 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opening today in Las Vegas.

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Kodak New Company Logo

Kodak Chairman and CEO Antonio Perez has revealed a new logo for Kodak replacing the famous yellow-box logo. According to him, the new logo features a new typeface with more rounded letters. He also said that this introduction is the latest step in the company’s broad brand transfromation effort, which reflects the multi-industry, digital imaging leader Kodak has become.

Kodak new Logo

Well, I reckon the logo is too plain and ugly compared to the previous logo which happened to be one of the most recognizable logos in the history.

Another mistake for this dying giant ??

Nikon D100 VS Nikon D200

Weston Hickey has posted a small review with some pictures comparing his old Nikon D100 and the new Nikon D200.

nikon d100 vs nikon d200


-It FINALLY feels more like my F100, than a plastic POS. THANK GOD! This was one of my biggest annoyances with the D100.

-The Auto WB is OH SO much better indoors than the D100. Altough I don’t have any indoor comparisons in this post, I’ll have some up later on my website with a full review….for now…trust me….it’s extraordinarily better indoors.

-The LCD is big and beautiful.

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