Organizing Digital Photos – Tips by Miami Herald

Gregg Ellman has published pretty good workflow tips on organizing your digital photos at Miami Herald.


He suggests after we download our images to the computer, then first thing first is delete images that we don’t want to keep using photo browser software. After that we need to renaming our files with a keyword and a number which makes sense (xmas2005_01,xmas2005_02, etc).

The next step is to burn your images to a CD/DVD and label it with what event or people are on it and the date. Finish with that, we must then test the newly created CD, just to make sure that your images have been burned properly.

Now, you can work on your images in your image editing software. When you’ve finish working with them, you can delete the folder and put it in the recycle bin to save your hardisk space.

Source: Miami Herald

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