Opteka FL680AF

Opteka FL680AF features Angle of illumination – 40 x 60 (v x h), Five position tilted reflector – 0 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 90, TTL Dedication, Bounce Head, and has Recycle Time – 0.3-7 sec. The Opteka FL680AF measures 6.1 x 2.9 x 1.9″ WxHxD and weighs 8.11 oz.

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Features & Specifications

Opteka FL680AF Features & Specifications

Opteka has consistently offered the highest level of flash performance in the industry. Turning into the new century, Opteka has developed a specialized line of flashes for today’s cameras.

~ Fully Dedicated
The FL680AF-S is fully dedicated to ensure that the correct amount of light is provided, when used with Sony & Minolta digital cameras that have TTL metering. When the camera is set to ISO100 the f/2 auto setting automatically adjusts the exposure for subjects up to 13 meters away, and the f/4 setting works at distances of up to 6.5 meters.

~ Guide Number of 22 (ISO 100/m) with Range Up To 13m
The flash built into your digital camera will have a maximum range of about three meters. Pictures taken at distances further than this can be disappointingly dark. The FL680AF-S is much more powerful, allowing pictures to be taken at distances of up to 13 meters with certain digital cameras. Use the FL680AF-S and your pictures of the school play, parties in the local hall or evening barbecues will come to life!

~ Automatic Shutter Speed Selection
The FL680AF-S will automatically set the camera’s correct flash synchronization speed when it’s mounted on the camera, plugged in and switched on.

~ Versatile Five Position Bounce Head
Direct flash can sometimes be harsh and create ugly shadows behind your subject. By tilting the flashgun’s head, you can bounce the flash off a ceiling or wall to create softer lighting effects.

~ Economical
The FL680AF-S is powered by 4 AA batteries. A Fresh set provide enough power for up to 150 Flashes, making the flashgun very economical to use.

Flash Specifications :

~ Type – Shoe Mount
~ Guide No. – 26 in Meters
~ Angle of illumination – 40 x 60 (v x h)
~ Five position tilted reflector – 0 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 90
~ TTL Dedication – Yes
~ Variable Power – No
~ Bounce Head – Yes
~ Recycle Time – 0.3-7 sec.

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