Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II

Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II features Flash Duration: 1/1000 to 1/20,000 second TTL Dedication: Yes. Bounce Head: Yes. Swivel Head: Yes. Recycle Time: 0.5-9 seconds (based on fresh alkaline batteries & full power).Power Source: Four 1.5-Volt “AA” batteries (alkaline, lithium, Ni-cd & Ni-MH); Autofocus auxiliary lamp helps the camera to focus in low-light. The Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II measures 2.8 x 4.9 x 3.9 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

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Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II Expert Reviews

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Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II User Reviews

Opteka EF-600 Flash Review
“This unit works quite well. I use it with a Canon XSI. When I first switched it on and pressed the zoom button, the motor stared running continuously. I switched it off/on a few time and it stopped. Since the it has worked flawlessly. When used with the built on diffuser, the results are very pleasing; faces are not washed out. The unit is quite powerful, and the slave mode works well. “ – By H. Garner
Rating: ★★★★☆

Great Flash!!
“This is a great flash for 1/4 the price of the Canon Speedlite. The zoom is fast, the recycle time is amazing and most of all the photos are GREAT! I put batteries in it and put it on my Rebel XS and it worked instantly. I was impressed for a flash around $100, I thought it would be cheap and low quality but it is built well and feels like a professional flash.” – By Gary Galletta
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome for the price
“I have found shortcomings between this flash and my brother’s canon 480 other than the canon has a more desirable control and lcd panel. Functionality is just as impressive and i am very happy with the product.” – By Michael Dixon
Rating: ★★★★★

Great flash
“Mine just came in the mail and ive been testing it out all day and it works perfectly with my Canon EOS rebel T1i. the built in diffuser works great and its perfect for bounce photography. like most other reviews yes the battery door does feel very loose…when its open. and i have yet to have any troubles with the batteries everything feels solid and secure and to me its fairly light. it is a great flash for the money, anybody looking to buy a new flash whether you are a beginner or a professional you should definitely invest in this flash, its easy on the wallet and like most opteka products I’ve used its good quality.” – By B. Brown
Rating: ★★★★★

Pleasantly surprised by the quality
“I picked up this flash here on Amazon due to the price, not being able to afford the Canon 430EX II and 580. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality when I received it. Yes, there are some things – i.e. plastic shoe mount, and the plastic battery holder that are not up to the standards, but I didn’t expect more from a $100 flash. It looks massive on my 7D, and adds a little to the weight, but I like how it performs in low light situations that I’m constantly faced with.” – By Aleksandr Belyarchik
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Product, Easy to use!!
“Right out of the box, the flash was easy to install and use. Produces excellent lighting and the built in diffuser works great! Awesome flash for the price…especially for a beginner like me! “ – By Siheur Yang
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Value
“The event started with still daylight and ended with at night shooting. Every shot was well exposed and distance did not cause flash fall off (again WOW). If there were any bad shots it was for composition not exposure and using the flash head tilt at 60 degrees with the built in bounce card gave me some exceptional dramatic photos. The flash worked perfectly with the dedicated flash features of my Nikon D60. Also, it used TTL BL to control exposure. Anyway I got some great pictures. “ – By Frank Cosmano
Rating: ★★★★★

Great flash for the price
“At one point it seemed to reach a point where the battery voltage got too low and it kind of went crazy. The motor started to zoom to another position and it let off a series of about 5-6 short flashes all within a second even though I wasn’t pushing any buttons on my camera. It also started wildly overexposing my photos even though ETTL was indicated and the settings on the flash display matched those on my camera. This wasn’t happening at first, so it might have something to do with the low batteries. I’ll swap them out once they are fully dead and give another update.” – By J. Beams
Rating: ★★★★☆

It Works Wonder As A Cheaper Alternative To Speedlite 430EX
“TTL compatible. It communicates well with the camera to select the right focal length, ISO and light power. AF-assist beam allows the camera’s auto-focus to lock in to the target in dark places (not completely dark). Light power is bright enough for bounce shooting. 45-degree tilt to the ceiling will produce superb images with soft highlights and shadows, which is one main reason why people go for external flash guns.” – By Neo Lee
Rating: ★★★★★


Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Opteka EF-600 DG Super EO-TTL II Features & Specifications

The Opteka EF-600 DG SUPER ETTL-II is designed to work with the newest Canon EOS digital SLR cameras, for advanced flash photography. It has a maximum guide number of 148 feet or 45 meter at 85mm focal length (ISO 100).The projection angle of the flashgun is set automatically to match the lens’ focal length ranging from 24mm wide-angle to 85mm medium-telephoto. It also incorporates a built-in reflecting plate and diffuser that can be slid out from the top of the flash head for soft lighting effects. The bounce flash head can be tilted 90° upwards and can be swiveled 180° to the left and 90° to the right.

In addition, the flash can also be set manually at 6 different power output levels or can be utilized as a wireless slave. Bounce & swivel head. AF Assist Autofocus auxiliary lamp helps the camera to focus in low-light. LCD Display: Features an Illuminated LCD panel. Built in Reflecting Plate and Diffuser.Reduce strong light to create soft lighting effects. Front and Rear Curtain Synchronization. Useful at slow shutter speeds to give a realistic impression of movement. Auto Power Off Battery-saving mode shuts down power after 5 minutes.

Specifications Type: Shoe Mount Guide No:148′ (45 m) at 85mm AF Illuminator: 3.3ft-20ft/1-6m (50mm Lens) Flash Duration: 1/1000 to 1/20,000 second TTL Dedication: Yes. Bounce Head: Yes. Swivel Head: Yes. Recycle Time: 0.5-9 seconds (based on fresh alkaline batteries & full power).Power Source: Four 1.5-Volt “AA” batteries (alkaline, lithium, Ni-cd & Ni-MH). Dimensions: 72.0 x 100.0 x 125mm WxHxD. Weight: 270g (without batteries).

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