Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD

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– Review by ePhotozine

Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD is a telephoto zoom lens. The lens features 50-200mm at focal length with maximum aperture of F/2.8-3.5. The lens construction has 16 elements in 15 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 24 degrees. Closest focusing distance at 1.2m and has a filter size of 67mm. The Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD lens weighs 2.2 pounds and it measures 3.4 inches in diameter and 6 inches long.

Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD Reviews

ePhotozine reviews the Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD and writes;
“Very few lenses give as solid a performance in all areas as this lens. As it is sharp from wide open, it allows the relatively bright maximum aperture to be used to great advantage. Although the price may be higher than other alternatives, this is a premium lens that provides premium performance and if quality matters, it may well be worth the extra money.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Lenstip reviews the Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD and writes;
“What’s interesting, the highest vignetting level we get for the middle of the focal lengths range. At wide aperture it reaches 24% ( -0.81 EV) what is already a significant amount. We were also surprised that, on stopping down, the vignetting decreases quite slowly.”
rating: N/A

Shutterbug reviews the Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD and writes;
“The Zuiko Digital 50-200mm SWD telephoto provided excellent results particularly in the 50-100mm range at all apertures. My images exhibit snappy contrast, great clarity, accurate color reproduction, and great definition of fine detail.”
rating: N/A

Photozone reviews the Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD and writes;
“The Olympus lens does certainly shine regarding its very good resolution capabilities throughout the zoom range. Distortions as well as CAs are well controlled. The vignetting is a bit on the high side at max. aperture but it’s not a real problem either.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

User Opinions

Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD User Reviews

Great and reasonable, | Rating: ★★★★★
“This lens is a beauty. It is so sharp that it is like having a macro lens that you can use from 40 ft. away. While it is not inexpensive. when compared to the Canon 70-200 2.8 with image stabilization it is a real bargain. It would be nice if it was a constant 2.8 but I shudder to think what it would weigh. It is the sharpest lens I have ever owned. “ – by Marvin R. Doering

A+++++ lens | Rating: ★★★★★
“it is a great lens a must have for portrait shots. i do have 50 mm, 12-60. all great lenses i love it. its a luxry to have it.” – by Safaa E. Aboelenin

An absolute star | Rating: ★★★★★
“I haven’t had any problems with that, and I’m sure the image stabilization built into the E-520 helps a great deal — I’ve also got very steady hands. Coupled with an EC-14 teleconverter (which I own. The EC-20 is my next object of desire!) it gives me a range close to the 70-300 mm. I lose just one f-stop with this combo. The image quality, however, is infinitely better.” – by ubat

Excellent lens but maybe not perfect | Rating: ★★★★★
“I got some great action shots and I am very happy with the results. Photos are super sharp all the way to 200mm. I didn’t use a tripod and the image stabilization on the e620 camera eliminated any camera shake but I do have a steady hand.” – by T. Port

Superb! Unique! | Rating: ★★★★★
“The lens is sharp sharp sharp — wide open. There is absolutely no need to stop it down for the purpose of achieving greater sharpness. The lens focuses super-fast. It’s one of Olympus’ only 3 SWD lenses (they really need to upgrade their current line fully to SWD, at least the HG and SHG lenses). “ – by payam

Oly 50-200 | Rating: ★★★★★
“An outstanding lens. Quality is high wide open at all focal lengths. It works better than any other zoom I know with a doubler (Olympus EC20). The lens plus doubler forms a universal telephoto kit good for a wide range of uses… It has a good tripod mount, but works very well, even with the TC, used handheld with IS on. “ – by S. Barnett

My favorite Zuiko digital lens. | Rating: ★★★★★
“I have 3 other zuiko digital lenses, the 50mm/f2, 12-60mm/f2.8, 70-300mm/f4-5.6, and I would have to say I get the sharpest shots with this lens. The 12-60 is a great all-around lens, but when i want to take tack-sharp shots, it is easiest using this 50-200mm/F2.8 lens. “ – by S. Dang

Sharp and Fast, | Rating: ★★★★★
“Very sharp. While at F2, 50mm macro is definitely brighter and well known for being one of the sharpest lens around (of any brand), this lens, I suspect it being sharper than 50mm at that focal length… Very fast. SWD is quiet and fast. I don’t think I’m an action shooter (I usually shoot landscape), but I could shoot many bird pictures with it with excellent accuracy. I mean, they were flying in the middle of the sky and I still got them. “ – by Robert D. Mccoy

Excellent Upgrade | Rating: ★★★★★
“I shoot a lot of indoor ice hockey and have doubled the number of good shots that I get. Focusing is fast except in very low light and the quality is excellent. Well worth buying but a bit pricey for a beginner. If you are a beginner, go with the 70-300 first and only get this one if you need low light shooting. “ – by D. Lee

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Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD User Manual

– Download Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD User Manual (PDF – 970kb)

Features & Specifications

Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital ED SWD Specifications

This is a high-performance super-telescopic zoom lens that features, for the first time, the Supersonic Wave Drive (SWD) autofocus system which enables the lens to achieve an AF speed about two times faster than the previous ED 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 model. ED lens elements are used extensively to correct the color blurring that can occur when telescopic lenses are extended to their maximum focal length, while the digital-dedicated design ensures high-quality performance with clear, crisp images from edge to edge. Close-up shooting capability is also superb, with a minimum shooting distance of just 1.2 meters throughout the zoom range.

Main Features
# Manufacturer: Olympus Corporation
# Manufacturer Part Number: 261015
# Manufacturer Website Address: www.olympusamerica.com
# Product Type: Telephoto Zoom Lens
# Minimum Focal Length: 50mm
# Maximum Focal Length: 200mm
# Magnification: 0.21x
# Aperture Range: f/2.8 to 3.5
# Weight: 2.2 lb

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