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Olympus Stylus Mju 720 SW is a 7.1 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera featuring water-proof (JIS level 8 – allowing it to be up to 110 feet underwater) & shock-proof (to MIL-STD-810F standards – dropable up to 1.5m) metal body. The camera has 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 38-114mm) with 2.5″ TFT LCD screen. It also featuring the latest BrightCapture Technology from Olympus which allowing you to take perfectly exposed shot in low light withouth having to use flash. Availability: March 2006

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>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 07.09.06)

Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW Sample Photos posted @ CamerasUK
Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW Sample Photos posted @ Photoxels
Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW Sample Photos posted @ ImagingResource
Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW Sample Photos posted @ Steve’sDigicams

>> REVIEWS (last updated: 13.09.06)

Video Review by ShinyMedia

CamerasUK reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“Although the menu system is not perfect the MJU 720SW is pretty easy to find your way around. ..In terms of features and picture quality the Olympus MJU 720SW is a pretty standard digital camera. The fact that it is waterproof to a depth of 3m and shockproof from a height of 1.5m makes it stand out from the rest. If these features are important to you then I cannot think of many drawbacks of this camera and it more or less has the field to itself. “

Photography Review reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“Overall, I’ve been happy with the 720 SW and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. I took a lot of pictures with it that I’m very, very happy with. I’ve also recommended it to people who want a camera that they can safely use in all outdoor conditions. In the final analysis, the Olympus Stylus Digital 720 SW seems like an unfinished product to me. It’s a good camera. But it could have been a great camera. Maybe the next Olympus Stylus SW digital camera will have all the features that were missing in this one. If so, I’ll be first in line to pay full price. “

PCMag reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
” Both the contrast and sharpness of the Stylus 720’s images was much better than they were in pictures produced by the Optio WP. The camera blew out some of the highlights in my daylight shooting, but overall it captured well-exposed images…If you’re hell bent on taking underwater shots and videos that capture those summer (or fall, winter, and spring) fun moments, but aren’t interested in getting hosed by the cost of specialized waterproof equipment, the Olympus Stylus 720 SW might be the right point-and-shoot for you. “

Photoxels reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
” The Olympus Stylus 720 SW is easy to use and operate. It is built as tough as it gets, yet succeeds in being elegant as well. It lives up to its claims to be both shock proof as well as waterproof, making it the ideal choice for boaters, campers, hikers, and anyone else who values a digital camera that does not go out of commission at the first bump. All compact digital cameras should be built this way…Overall, good to very good image quality for a 7.1MP digital camera: not quite a low-light camera, but for its intended purpose of sunny beach, boating, and rough outdoors, the Olympus 720 SW can be expected to produce sharp pictures, good image detail and colours.”

ImagingResource reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
” mentioned at the outset that Olympus has produced some impressive, ground breaking cameras and built a loyal base. I also mentioned that the 720 SW only had to meet the quality I experienced with the Olympus Stylus Verve or Canon PowerShot A520. Looking back at the images from those cameras and comparing them to what I get from the 720 SW, I’m afraid it’s closer than I’d like. Put in the simplest terms: the color is muted and color detail is mushy at best, even at the lowest ISO. Colors on the Macbeth chart not only appear faded next to the sharply oversaturated Verve, it looks like each color was put into a blender and poured back into each square as a pulpy mess. Admittedly, the Verve’s sharpness isn’t much better, but the vibrant color ads a snap back to the picture. The Canon’s colors are more tame, and image sharpness in color areas is considerably better. “

TrustedReviews reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“I also found image quality to be lower than I had expected, especially considering the excellent results I’ve had from previous mju series cameras. The lens is slower than on previous models, and is distinctly soft toward the edges of the frame, especially at the wide angle setting where there is also appreciable barrel distortion. Images look over-processed, and even in bright sunlight and at ISO 100 there is visible noise and colour speckling, although oddly high ISO performance is comparatively good. “

CNET Asia reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“We didn’t encounter any major issues with image quality. There were occasional purple fringing in some of our backlit pictures and barrel distortions that made our buildings look slightly curved, but overall the images were saturated and provided a good amount of details. As usual, noise became an issue beyond ISO 400, but at ISO 800 we reckoned this wasn’t dire still for small 4 x 6-inch printouts. You can select up to a maximum sensitivity level of ISO 1,600, though you won’t be using it much since image quality suffers from a barrage of noise. “

CNET reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“..picture quality is acceptable but prone to noticeable amounts of visual noise; as is common, noise increases with the ISO..The Olympus Stylus 720 SW’s combination of resolution and waterproof durability are, to date, unparalleled for a camera of this size and class. For adventurous types, those benefits will probably outweigh issues with usability and middling indoor image quality.”

DigitalCameraReview reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“The 720 SW does a very good job in the image quality department. Colors are slightly punched up, but almost neutral when compared to most of the competition. Images are consistently just a bit soft, but not objectionably so. Noise levels are noticeably below average, although there is some minor pattern noise in dark image areas. There is also some noticeable loss of highlight detail in light colored areas in bright sunlight, but this is fairly typical of compact digital cameras. PROS: Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, compact, stylish, good noise management, and very good image quality. CONS: Images slightly soft, no custom WB mode, slight tendency toward over-exposure”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“Image quality was good for a consumer 7-megapixel model. Outdoors, images that were captured were consistently well exposed, with pleasing color saturation. Thanks in part to its TTL autofocus system and 3x optical zoom lens, the majority of our samples were nice and sharp, and I noticed very little edge softness …Bottom line – the Stylus 720 SW is a tempting digicam in the weather resistant/water proof class. While Olympus claims it is also “Shock Proof” up to 5 feet, we opted not to test this feature; we’ll take their word for it. The camera’s 7-megapixel SHQ images have plenty of resolution to create high-quality prints up to 13×19 inches or larger. The only real issues we had were with the poor position of the lens and the below average results of its VGA movie mode.”

DigitalCameraInfo reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“…Just as the hype made that camera even more disappointing, the letdown with the Olympus 720SW is even greater for the anticipation. This digital camera is a new release with a great durable body, but has the inner workings of far older models, with lengthy shutter lag, slow and inaccurate auto focusing, and an overly-convoluted menu structure. The camera also shoots choppy movie clips and lacks resolution for many of its scene modes. What’s the use of 7.1 megapixels that you can’t use in all of the shooting modes?And what is the use of a shockproof, waterproof digital camera which often produces blurry pictures? The Olympus 720SW is fantastically rugged and can take a few beatings, but, in the end, doesn’t produce shots which merit its $399 retail price. We hope to see Olympus continue to develop this body design, with modifications made to improve imaging capabilities on future models.”

Digicamreview reviewed the Olympus Mju Digital 720 SW and wrote;
“The shockproof and dustproof qualities, and the solid build of the digital camera is likely to make the digital camera last much longer than other digital cameras, this makes it excellent value for money compared to less solid digital cameras. Image quality was generally good, although slightly under-saturated for some people’s tastes, and images were slightly soft. Noise was quite well controlled. “

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Shock Proof, Waterproof Body Design Combines with Bright Capture Technology to Deliver a Breakthrough in Digital Photography

With the new Stylus 720 SW, Olympus Imaging Inc. unveils its latest evolution in the Stylus series – a digital camera that can withstand a 5-foot drop, shoot under water down to 10 feet, and capture phenomenal photos in any situation. The Stylus 720 SW combines light, durable body construction and shock-absorbing materials throughout the interior with the sealant technology used in Olympus underwater housings. The fully-featured, compact Stylus 720 SW offers 7.1 megapixels, 3x optical Olympus Zoom Lens, 2.5” LCD, Bright Capture Technology, Digital Image Stabilization Mode and much more.

“The shock-proof, waterproof, dust proof design of the Stylus 720 SW sets a new standard in digital camera performance and versatility,” said Michael Barnett, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “Powerful, durable, yet slim enough to fit in your pocket, the Stylus 720 SW is designed for capturing amazing images, anytime, anywhere.”

The rugged Stylus 720SW is packed with a wealth of premium features such a large 2.5” LCD and Olympus’ exclusive Bright Capture Technology providing dramatically improved shooting in low-light conditions – indoor, sunset, night time, and underwater. The combination of Olympus’ TruePic TURBO Image Processor and the 7.1-megapixel image sensor captures crisp, high-quality images fast. And the 28 shooting modes – including Digital Image Stabilization Mode – offer maximum versatility for shooting in most any situation.

Designed to Withstand Drops Up To 5 Feet

Built with durable materials and shock-absorption technology that minimizes the impact delivered to the lens and circuitry, the Stylus 720 SW delivers superior durability in a premium point-and-shoot digital camera.

Waterproof to 10 Feet

By combining a lightweight, metal, all-weather exterior with rubber gaskets and O-rings to seal the camera’s interior, Olympus delivers a slim body design that performs as well under water as it does on land. The camera can shoot under water to depths up to 10 feet. The large 2.5-inch LCD, Bright Capture Technology, and four underwater scene modes make it the perfect camera for the pool, beach or snorkeling. Want to dive deeper? The PT-033 underwater housing, designed specially for the Stylus 720 SW, enables the camera to shoot at depths up to 130 feet.

Stylish, Compact Design

Like all Stylus series digital cameras, the 720 SW is defined by high performance, durability and style. In addition to the shock proof, waterproof construction, the Stylus 720 SW features the metal body and clean, smooth lines that make it the ideal pocket camera. At a thickness of less than one inch – 3.6″ (W) x 2.3″ (H) x 0.78″ (D) – the camera easily slips into a pocket, handbag or backpack.

Bright Capture Technology for Easy Low-Light Photography

Low-light photography has never been easier thanks to Olympus’ revolutionary Bright Capture Technology. Shooting in low light is easy with a brightened preview on the LCD; and with specific scene modes for high sensitivity settings (up to ISO 2500) and rapid auto-focus, even fast-action photos can be captured under low levels of available light.

Digital Image Stabilization Mode

The Stylus 720 SW also features Digital Image Stabilization Mode for capturing crisp, clear pictures – free from the blur sometimes caused by camera shake or moving subjects – with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speed.

Large 2.5-Inch LCD

With a bright 2.5-inch LCD, the Stylus 720 SW easily doubles as a portable digital photo album. The larger LCD makes it easier to see your images clearly both when shooting and sharing photos with friends without having to download to a computer.

7.1-Megapixel Image Sensor for Superior Image Quality

The 7.1-megapixel CCD image sensor inside the Stylus 720 SW delivers high-quality images that are consistently sharp and vivid even in large-format prints – up to poster sizes as large as 16 x 20 inches.

High Quality Olympus Lens Elements

Olympus lenses are known worldwide for producing sharp, vibrant image quality. This is achieved through a number of key technologies, such as Olympus ED and high-refractive lens elements, designed specifically for digital cameras. The lens provides the equivalent of 38 to 114mm focal length in 35mm photography, with 15x combined total zoom (3x optical and 5x digital) to bring the action closer, and a Super Macro Mode that captures details as nuanced as the iridescent petals of a flower, from as close as 2.8 inches.

TruePic TURBO for High-Speed Response

Olympus’ exclusive TruePic TURBO Image Processor enhances image quality and delivers faster overall processing speeds for rapid startup, shutter release and playback. TruePic TURBOTM enables the Stylus 720 SW to capture information from all 7.1 million pixels with pixel “micro-smoothing” that delivers clearer and more color-accurate photos. The fast startup of less than one second and nearly instant shutter release time ensures a high-speed response so your camera is always ready to take great pictures.

28 Selectable Shooting Modes

With 25 pre-programmed scene modes, such as Beach & Snow, Available Light Portrait, Sunset, and Under Water Snapshot, the Stylus 720 SW makes it easy to capture beautiful images in a variety of lighting and shooting situations. And with its QuickTime® Movie Mode, the Stylus 720 SW can also record VGA-quality videos with sound, limited only by the size of the internal memory or xD-Picture Card in the camera.

PictBridge Enabled – No Computer Necessary!

The power of PictBridge technology enables your photos to be printed directly from the Stylus 720 SW to any PictBridge-enabled printer without using a computer. And the one-touch “Print” button makes printing a single-step process. Printing and sharing images has never been easier.

In-camera Editing

With in-camera editing features such as red-eye fix, resizing, adding frames or text, and color brightness or saturation adjustments, users can edit photos anywhere with ease – touch up or embellish your photos without your computer.

Easy USB Auto-Connect

Connecting the Stylus 720 SW to a computer is easy with the USB Auto-Connect feature, which connects directly via USB 2.0 cable and requires no software.

OLYMPUS Master Software

OLYMPUS Master software provides the ultimate in digital imaging management. An intuitive user interface makes downloading to your computer quick and simple, and images are searchable by date or keyword in the Calendar View. And with one-click editing tools, such as red-eye removal, images can be touched up before printing or e-mailing. Online support, templates, firmware upgrades and other user services are just a mouse-click away.


The Stylus 720 SW will be available in March 2006. It includes: a wrist strap, camera WIN/Mac USB cable, audio/video cable, Li-42B Li-Ion rechargeable battery and charger, quick start guide, basic instruction manual, warranty card, (2) CD-ROM’s with OLYMPUS Master software and advanced manual.

U.S. Pricing

Stylus 720 SW Estimated Street Price: $399.99 (U.S.)

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