Olympus Stylus 850SW

Last update: Review & Sample Photos @ DPInterface (11 October’08)

The Olympus Stylus 850SW is an 8 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera features 3x optical zoom (38 – 114 mm equivalent in 35mm photography), Digital Image Stabilization, and a 2.5″ LCD screen. The Olympus Stylus 850SW is also shockproof, freezeproof and waterproof camera with dimensions of 3.7″W x 2.4″H x 0.84″ D (93.6mm x 60.9mm x 21.3mm) and it weighs 4.8oz (136g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Olympus Stylus 850SW Reviews

DPInterface reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“Overall, I can’t say that I found the Olympus Stylus 850SW’s image quality that stunning. Sure this may be a rugged camera, more sturdy than anything else out in the market, but that’s no excuse for a compromise in image quality!”
Rating: ★★★★☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“The lens performs fairly well, with adequate centre sharpness, and the camera seems to remove wide-angle barrel distortion in processing. This results in nice straight parallel edges, but does produce some blurring in the corners of the frame. However it is pleasingly free from chromatic aberration and purple fringing.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CamerasUK reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“the Olympus MJU 850 SW as a camera that you can use just about anywhere. The picture quality could be better, so it’s more likely to appeal to someone who is after a snapshot camera they can have fun with rather than one that will produce the perfect picture.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCAdvisor reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“Judged side by side with the exceptional Nikon Coolpix P5100 in terms of shots captured, the Olympus mju 850 SW comes up short, but this is a truly durable and capable compact camera with all the manual controls you could want. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

CNET.uk reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“The mju 850SW’s image quality and handling might be a little frustrating in everyday use, but hit the slopes or the surf and you can simply keep on shooting when everyone else is too scared to try..”
Rating: ★★★★☆

GoodGearGuide reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“Noise was kept well under control at low ISOs, with everything up to ISO 400 being adequate for small prints. If you plan on making enlargements you may wish to stick to ISO 200 and below, but even then the noise isn’t so prominent that it really detracts from the image.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

ThinkCamera reviews the Olympus Stylus 850SW and writes;
“The picture quality, lens range and the battery may not be top rank, but no other manufacturer has put as much effort into reinforcing (literally) a whole line of camera models. That’s the ticket – the most significant reason to buy an Olympus µ [mju:] 850 SW is if you will distinctly benefit from its tough features.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Olympus Stylus 850SW Samples

Olympus Stylus 850SW Sample Photos @ DPInterface
Olympus Stylus 850SW Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Olympus Stylus 850SW Sample Photos @ CamerasUK
Olympus Stylus 850SW Sample Photos @ ThinkCamera

Olympus Stylus 850SW User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Olympus Stylus 850SW Manual (PDF – 7.4 MB)

Olympus Stylus 850SW Press Release

London, 22 January 2008 – Olympus announces the shock and waterproof Stylus 850 SW. It is remarkably tough, offering protection against falls, water immersion and the freezing cold. It is an ideal choice for great image results no matter the intended photographic terrain.

Building on the tough reputation of their predecessors – including the TIPA Award-winning µ [mju:] 770 SW – the new µ [mju:] 1030 SW and µ [mju:] 850 SW set you up for adventure. Drop them in a muddy puddle on a hike through the mountains and don’t worry: simply wash the mud off in the next stream and keep shooting. Adventure is really yours for the taking. Go for dives in lakes or the sea and capture the wonders under the water’s surface, or take to the snow and immortalize those sub-zero moments. Whatever your lifestyle, these extraordinary, chic models take it all. Despite their tough attributes, image quality doesn’t take a back seat. Precision Olympus optics deliver true-to-life results, while integrated cutting-edge technologies provide intelligent solutions to ensure the flawless reproduction of subjects. In addition, a choice of several striking colors serves to further brighten the photo-taking experience.

The Olympus Stylus 850 SW Sporting a sleek metal body in a choice of Starry Silver, Midnight Black or Metal Pink, the Olympus Stylus 850 SW brings the durability of the shockproof, waterproof line-up to everyone. Waterproof to 3m, shockproof to 1.5m, and freeze proof to -10°C, this camera is ready for the bumps and bangs of everyday life. In conjunction with its tough exterior, the Stylus 850 SW boasts a hearty 8.0 Megapixels to guarantee the flawless capture of every detail. Digital Image Stabilization is also on board to reduce blur. For framing flexibility, a 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 38-114mm on a 35mm camera) gets you in close, and the large 2.5”/6.4cm LCD makes it easy to quickly preview and review shots. In addition, an LED Macro Illuminator is available for enhancing shots of close-up subjects during macro photography.

All-round quality The 850 SW incorporate Face Detection Technology for the optimal exposure and focus of human subjects. Shadowy compositions are no longer a problem either, thanks to inclusion of Shadow Adjustment Technology. And with BrightCapture Technology, low-light shooting is significantly improved. The integrated TruePic III image processor works to enhance not only speed, but also color reproduction and noise suppression for more realistic images. And for additional operating ease, Olympus has raised the number of languages on board to an incredible 38. Furthermore, the underwater case PT-041 is optionally available for the Stylus 850 SW for additional fun up to 40m below the water’s surface.

The ultra-tough Stylus 850 SW is the perfect companions for fun and outdoor adventure, and will be available from February 2008.

7 Responses to “Olympus Stylus 850SW”

  1. phil smart says:

    THe 850ws takes a great picture but i have had 2 leak on me at only arm depth. THe first was replaced by Olympus and the second one is currently in the service shop in Sydney. Not impressed and 2 holidays ruined.. The manual for this product says “if small droplets of water get into the battery compartment dry them out” It is supposed to be waterproof!!

  2. Callard says:

    Forget about this brand! Including myself, I know at least 3 persons who had water leakage problem within 3 months after purchase! Customer service refused to repair! And they blamed me for bring it to the beach! Should I use it only in the pool then? Ridiculous!

  3. keithcm says:

    I have had two of these cameras and they both leaked in depths less than a metre. This camera is not waterproof. You cannot relax with this camera in the water knowing that at any moment it may be destroyed. Apart from that, the picture quality is the worse I have seen from any compact camera. Forget it.

  4. Stylus 2009 says:

    Shouldn’t this camera be able to charge while connected to USB. What a shame must have the special charger that I left as assumed could charge on USB. Never again Olympus. Also after hearing the above I believe I cannot trust it as well. I am sure I won’t find a battery or charger while here in Mexico City and will be purchasing a new camera and donate this POS to the recycle bin.

  5. mas17 says:

    While taking pictures and snorkelling, the card cover warning came on. Had to swim back to shore and found water droplets inside. The pictures also confirm of water ingress. This camera is not really waterproof!

  6. Rachael says:

    How did you get the card cover warning to go away I am having the same problem but cant get the warning screen off??

  7. keithcm says:

    The card cover warning is an indication that the camera has flooded. If you open the two covers and leave it to dry for a few days, you might get it to work again. Send it back if its still under warranty, or dump it and get anything but another Olympus.

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