Olympus Stylus 800 – Review @ Megapixel

Megapixels has recently reviewed the Olympus Stylus 800, 8 Megapixel digital camera with 3x optical zoom, and a large 2.5″ high resolution monitor.

Olympus MJU 800

“Overall, the strengths of the Stylus 800 are its high quality build, its excellent monitor, and its capability to withstand inclement weather or environments that are usually risky for a camera, all of which would make it an ideal travel companion.

The weakness of the Stylus 800 is that it seems to be a bit more prone to noise than some other 8-megapixel cameras, and that when inspected closely at 100% its images exhibit some artefacts. This said, its 8-megapixel image size allows photos to be printed out at up to 8 x 10 without any imperfection becoming noticeable, and that may be the most important factor when considering the camera.”

Olympus Stylus 800 Review Roundup

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