Olympus Stylus 730

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Olympus Stylus 730 is a super-slim and waterproof point-and-shoot digital camera (announced 23.08.06) with 7.1 effective megapixels, 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 38 mm – 114 mm), 20 scene modes (e.g. Sports, Beach&Snow, Candle) and a huge 3″ LCD Screen. The camera is measuring 96 x 62 x 21 mm (3.8 x 2.4 x 0.8 in), weighing around 190 g (6.7 oz) and is running on rechargeable Lithium-Ion.

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>> REVIEWS (last updated: 06.12.06)

ImagingResource reviews the Olympus Stylus 730 and writes;
“The good side is that few shooters actually use resolution this high, even printing up to 8 x 10 size, and few of these defects are strongly visible at those resolutions. So, as we said of the 770 SW,most users of the Stylus 730 won’t notice the muddled color unless they venture into high ISO territory, or enlarge low ISO images above 11×14. Shutter lag was also high on the 730. But as long as potential buyers are aware of these limitations, they can enjoy the truly excellent aspects of the Olympus Stylus 730, and happily enjoy stacks of sharp, colorful 4×6 images.”
Rating: N/A

DigitalCameraReview reviews the Olympus Stylus 730 and writes;
“Image quality on the Stylus 730 was good, and in my opinion, slightly better than the Stylus 750 and Stylus 1000. I preferred the slightly cooler images that came out of the Stylus 730. They were also sharp and well exposed with some chromatic aberration (purple fringing) going on.The speed of the camera was good and even a bit better than the Stylus 750 and Stylus 1000. When you do a partial press of the shutter to get a focus and exposure lock, shutter lag is minimal – around 0.1 seconds…”
Rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Olympus Stylus 730 (Rating: 6.2/10) and writes;
“The Stylus 730’s most disappointing aspect is its image quality. We saw massive noise at all sensitivity settings, a snowy grain worse than any we’ve seen recently. Even at ISO 100, images were fuzzy and mottled with color. And, though the most prominent, noise wasn’t the only issue; the lens produced distinct chromatic aberration (purple fringing along high-contrast edges) and notable barrel distortion, resulting in images that ballooned out when shot at the wide end of the lens. The bottom line: The Olympus Stylus 730 has some great design points, but its slow performance and noisy images seriously hurt its overall rating.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

DigitalCameraInfo has written a preivew of the new Olympus Stylus 730;
“..Besides the large display and new stabilization mode, the Stylus 730 adds an ISO 3200 setting to the mix. These are all great features, but the camera still suffers from other issues that are typical of Olympus cameras. The menu system is split so that some options appear in multiple places and there are menus within menus within menus. The ease of use factor just isn’t there on the 730, unless using the camera’s Simple mode which totally disables menus altogether…”
Rating: N/A

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 13.06.07)

Olympus Stylus 730 Sample Photos @ ImagingResource


– Download Olympus Stylus 730 Advanced Manual (PDF – 8.08 MB)
– Download Olympus Stylus 730 Basic Manual (PDF – 6.18 MB)
– Download Olympus Stylus 730 Quick Start Guide (PDF – 512 KB)


London, 23 August 2006 – With a luxuriously large 7.6 cm LCD screen, sophisticated illuminated controls and super-slim design, taking photos using the Olympus µ (mju) 730 is a real pleasure. The extra-large screen also means that, once the shoot is over, all of your friends can enjoy viewing the shots at the same time. The 7.1 million pixel CCD and precision 3x zoom lens work together to deliver pictures packed with detail – something that can be really appreciated on an LCD screen of this size. And, as with all µ (mju) series cameras, the slim metal bodied µ (mju) 730 is weatherproof*, so even rain needn’t stop play. But it’s when night time falls that the µ (mju) 730 really comes into its own. Its buttons automatically illuminate, to make locating the controls a doddle, even in the dark. Olympus-developed BrightCapture Technology also increases LCD screen contrast and boosts the ISO value to brighten pictures considerably – now also in the Movie mode for the first time. The Olympus µ (mju) 730 proves that it’s often when the lights go down that the fun really starts.

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