Olympus SP-320

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Olympus SP-320 offers an array of impressive photographic options for creative freedom. The 6.4cm LCD lets you frame your pictures perfectly and 7.1 million pixels ensure excellent shooting results. The camera also featuring a Large 2.5″ LCD screnn, a 3x optical zoom (equiv. 38-114mm) and weights 180g. Availability: March 2006


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>> REVIEWS (last update: 07.12.06)

CamerasUK reviewed the Olympus SP-320 and wrote;
“My favourite photo is the outdoor portrait. In this shot the lighting and colours come together to produce a very natural photo. Focusing is also very good in the photo. There is plenty of detail to be picked out in the shot. The indoor portrait also works very well. Once again the most noticeable feature of the photo is the level of brightness the camera manages to achieve. The only downside of the shot is the red eye that creeps in. This is something you can attempt to fix using the camera’s built in red eye fix processing…”

CNET reviewed the Olympus SP-320 and wrote;
“Overall, the SP-310/320’s performance is mixed, significantly better in good light than dim. Elapsed time from power on to first shot is about 2.1 seconds, with 2 seconds between subsequent shots…Photo quality is decent; if you don’t compare it to that of other cameras, you could probably be pretty happy with it. Hues are accurate and white balance is neutral, but a lack of dynamic range in the highlights make photos look low-contrast with desaturated colors.”

Steve’sDigicams reviewed the Olympus SP-320 and wrote;
“The overall image quality of its 7-megapxiel SHQ images is great. Just about every shot I took was sharp and showed good exposure with pleasing color saturation. The White balance system does an excellent job in almost any lighting condition, producing accurate color temperatures. The 3x optical zoom offers versatility in composing your shots. It covers a 35mm equivalent range of 38-114mm, with noticeable barrel distortion at full wide angle, but virtually no pincushioning at the telephoto end. Noise levels are very low for a consumer model, especially when using ISO 200 or less. At ISO 400 and 800 noise is much more noticeable…”

Digital Camera Review reviewed the Olympus SP-320 and wrote;
” The Olympus SP-320 is a good choice for someone looking for camera with advanced features (RAW, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual modes) but who still has a pretty tight budget. At a street price under $300, the SP-320 stays affordable for such “advanced” features.The camera takes high quality images with good color and detail. It’s also easy to use, yet still has plenty of customizability with custom shortcuts and the ability to set up to four custom modes. Battery life is good, if you can handle some of the power management issues that I’ve brought up (cycle time and LCD black out after batteries have discharged a bit). “

Digicamreview reviewed the Olympus SP-320 and wrote;
” Image quality is very good, the images have very good accurate colour, with good saturation, contrast and detail, with fairly low noise except for the higher ISO settings. Images were slightly soft straight from the camera and could benefit from sharpening. Color fringing / purple fringing was quite low, although red-eye did creep in occassionally. The camera did a good job focusing, with low light focusing aided by the focus assist lamp. I did not notice vignetting in photos, nor did I notice barrel or pincushion distortion. Auto white balance and metering, and exposure seemed to be good to very good. The camera gives very good control over image quality – selecting different picture modes allows allows you to change the saturation, contrast and sharpness. The super macro mode was excellent, allowing you to get very close to the subject. “

Olympus SP-320 User Opinions

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last update: 22.08.06)

Olympus SP-320 Sample Photos posted @ CamerasUK
Olympus SP-320 Sample Photos posted @ Steve’sDigicams


New SP-320 Offers Precision-Crafted Zoom Lens, Full Manual and Automatic Controls, 31 Shooting Modes, and a 2.5-Inch Premium Size LCD

The new 7.1-megapixel SP-320 digital camera from Olympus introduces state-of-the-art features that enable photographers of all skill levels to express their creative visions. With the convenience of over 30 shooting modes or the option of using manual settings for more creative control, the SP-320 is a highly versatile camera with superb ergonomic design, powerful enough for advanced user yet simple enough for a beginner to capture incredible images. Available add-on accessory lenses, flashes, and an underwater housing further expand the photographic options of the SP-320.

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