Olympus Releases P-1 Product Photos

Last update – 29 August’07: Olympus E-1 Product Photos at a Korean Photoshow

Olympus has released photos from the forthcoming successor of Olympus E-1, currently known as the Olympus P-1. The P-1 features will include Live View, a pop out LCD screen and an optional battery grip.


3 Responses to “Olympus Releases P-1 Product Photos”

  1. Arif says:

    Mr / mrs

    Actualy i want to have the olympus p-1 but i don’t have information. Would you please to give me information abouth that dslr camera ?


  2. Dian says:

    I don’t think you will find any more info on this camera just yet..

  3. matthew says:

    Oly has been into the live-view technology coupled with a gnarley in camera anti-shake module or somethin like that. When you get the lens that goes with it… fogeddaboudit, you could shoot the coast of puerto rico from the yucatan peninsula and get no blur. Gangsta. Oly is all about making it easier to switch settings on the fly so expect a lot effort to be but into the menu and selection methods for white balance and exposure options

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