Olympus P-11 Photo Printer – Review @ SteveDigicams

SteveDigicams has recently reviewed the Olympus P-11 Photo Printer, a 310 dpi printer with USB and PictBridge connection.


“The P-11 is VERY FAST with an average printing time of just 33 seconds (not counting data transmission time.) This makes it the fastest dye sub printer that we’ve reviewed yet! Most other 4×6” dye sub printers take anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds per print. Another nice feature is that the prints do not come out of the printer with those pesky tear-off tabs on both ends, they’re 100% borderless and ready to be shared.

The P-11’s print quality is excellent, it’s as close to lab quality as it gets from a home or small business printer. Compared to prints from a HiTi dye sub, the P-11 prints are a little more contrasty but I’m sure they will satisfy today’s digital camera users. The PictBridge direct-print feature is super-handy and the vast majority of new digicams are compatible with it. This means you can take the highly portable P-11 along with you to a party or event and make prints right there without need of a computer. It also elminates the problems of color matching between camera, computer and printer – a major stumbling block for many digital newbies. “

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