Olympus SP 700 Digital – Review @ Megapixel

Megapixel has posted a review of the Olympus SP 700, a 6 megapixels point-and-shoot digital camera featuring ‘BrightCapture Technology’ which will allow you to take perfectly exposed shot in low light withouth having to use flash, a weatherproof metal body with 3x optical zoom (37-111mm equivalent) and a huge 3″ LCD Screen.

Olympus SP 700

“With the sensitivity set to 64 ISO, noise is undetectable in photos captured outdoors and with good light. Images captured at 100 ISO are likewise very good, noise being only detectable in shadow areas. At 200 and 400 ISO, noise becomes increasingly visible, and can be found in areas that contain uniform colours as well as in shadows. Nevertheless, 400 ISO is useable in bright daylight, and can produce good photos while ensuring that the camera has a sufficiently high shutter speed to freeze movement.”

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