Olympus FL-600R

Last Updated (29 March’12):

Olympus FL-600R is a Wireless Electronic Flash (GN 50 at ISO 200 or GN 36 at ISO 100) with a wide LCD and wireless control which is easy to use as an external flash. It can be used as a bounce flash which can tilts upward to 90° and downward to 7.0°, and also swivels side-to-side up to 180° in each direction. It features Exposure Control: Manual/TTL; Angle of Coverage up to 30°; Wireless Communication Channels up to 4 Channels and Wireless Groups up to 3 Groups. It can be use 4x AA Alkaline, Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries as its Power Source.

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Olympus FL-600R Features

+ Wide LCD screen.

+ Integrated LED light which is ideal to use as an AF illuminator on still images shooting or full-time auxiliary lighting on video recording.

+ Guide number of 50 at ISO 200, 36 at ISO 100 when built-in wide panel not in use; 17 at ISO 200, 12 at ISO 100 when using built-in wide panel.

+ 8.0mm equivalent coverage (35 mm equivalent focal length = 16 mm) with built-in wide panel.

+ Can be use as a bounce flash which can tilts upward to 90° and downward to 7.0°, and also swivels side-to-side up to 180° in each direction.

+ It offers Angle of Coverage up to 30°.

+ Built-in wide panel and catch light plate, so you need not worry about misplacing them during travel.

+ Flash settings are adjustable via the arrow keys and dial on the rear of the unit, or by using the controls on an attached camera.

+ Comes with 6 flash modes: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, Manual, FP TTL-Auto, FP Manual, RC.

+ When used in wireless mode, the FL-600R has an integrated commander function for remotely firing other wireless flash units without firing itself.

+ It is a versatile flash which can be used as a slave flash that means it can be controlled via a camera’s built-in flash or another commander unit.

+ As many as 3 groups of flashes, as well as a clip-on flash like the FL-LM2, can be configured independently.

+ 4 wireless channels available, preventing interference from other photographers’ flashes.

+ Can also be attached and locked securely onto a camera’s hot shoe, or mounted externally with a compatible flash bracket and cable like the FL-BK01, FL-BKP02, FL-BKM03 or FL-BK04.

+ It can be use 4 AA (R6) alkaline or Ni-MH batteries for its power which makes the FL-600R’s charging time is roughly half that of the FL-50R, give you faster time to get back to shooting.

+ Comes with flash stand, soft case, instruction manual and warranty card.

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Olympus FL-600R User Manual (PDF)

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Olympus FL-600R Specifications

Guide Number
+ ISO 200: GN 50 / GN 17 *
+ ISO 100: GN 36 / GN 12 *

* Using the built-in wide panel

Firing Angle
+ Standard: Covering field of view for focal length: 12 mm
+ Wide panel: Covering field of view for focal length: 8 mm

Flash Modes

Bounce Angles
+ Up / Down: 90 ° / 7 °
+ Left / Right: 180 ° / 90 °

Wireless Flash Control
+ Number of channels: 4 channels
+ Group setting: 4 groups
+ Modes: RC, SL AUTO, SL MANUAL – Available when used together with cameras compatible with the Olympus wireless RC flash system.

LED Permanent Light
+ Power: 1 Watt
+ Firing Angle: Approx. 30 °
+ Illuminance: 100 lux (at 1m)
+ Control mode: AUTO (depending on camera), Manual (Full to 1/16, at 1/3EV steps)

Power Supply
+ Power source: 4 AA batteries

+ Recovery time: Approx. 2.5 s (Alkaline batteries), Approx. 2.0 s (NiMH batteries)

+ Flash battery durability: Max. 280 shots (Alkaline batteries), Max. 400 shots (NiMH batteries)

+ LED battery durability: Max. 2.8 h (Alkaline batteries), Max. 4.0 h (NiMH batteries)

+ Dimensions (W x H x D): 62 x 104 x 98 mm (excluding protrusions)
+ Weight: 255 g (excluding batteries)

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