Olympus FL-50R

Olympus FL-50R is a speedlight with guide numbers GN28 at a 12mm focal length (equivalent to 24mm on a 35mm camera; ISO 100) and GN50 at 42mm focal length (equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm camera; ISO 100). It features Bounce Head (-70 – +90°), Swivel Head (0-180°); Zoom Head 12-42mm (Auto-zoom; flash senses focal length & adjusts), 8mm (with built-in wide flash adapter); Recycle Time 6 sec. 1.3 seconds with SHV-1 Flash High Voltage Set. The Olympus FL-50R measures 3.1 x 5.5 x 4.2″ (78 x 141 x 107mm) WxHxD and weighs 13.6 oz (385 g) without batteries.

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User Opinions

Olympus FL-50R User Reviews

Olympus FL-50R Wireless Flash
“I now own three of these and recently used them along with Gary Fong Lightspheres to create an instant Pet Portrait Studio. The results were fantastic. I shoot with the Olympus E3, but I understand the new E520 also can control the wireless FL-50R. You might want to invest in light stands. The tabletop base has extremely limited uses, especially if you need to tilt the flash along with a Lightsphere!” – By Sy Kaplan
Rating: ★★★★★

“This is my second FL-50R. I also own one FL-50 and one FL-36. For the money, the FL-50R is my choice. With my E-3, I can now use three flashes at once. I do weddings and in the past used Quantum flashes. Now with the very easy to set up FL-50R’s I can use studio type lighting for my wedding formals. I can very easily set up ratios and with three flashes ( one on camera and two externals) I can light up the darkest of churches.” – By Thomas J. Kolenich
Rating: ★★★★★

Olympus FL-50 Flash Review
“The Olympus FL-50 is one of the most awesome pieces of equipment you could ever add to your photographic arsenal. I have been use the FL-50 since way before I even upgraded to using the Evolt SLRs to take photos. I used my Olympus FL-50 originally with an Olympus C-770 UZ camera. I have shot thousands of photos using this flash and I shoot 99% in bounce mode even if the ceiling is 60 feet above the subject. (Baruch College Relay for Life 2008) Most often times I have the flash heads pointing straight up at the ceiling so I get a nice effect of soft overhead natural lighting.” – By John Uske
Rating: ★★★★☆

My first flash and probably my last
“The built in flashes really don’t provide enough for more than maybe 10 feet away. Even on the SP-570 I own. Adding this flash was one of the best investments I’ve made when it comes to camera equipment. Now I can take pictures from 40 to 50 feet away and the end result is a beautiful picture, sometimes better than the ones I took having to run up to the stage. I’m sure as I learn more about the proper use of the flash my picture taking skills will continue to improve.” – By Justin E. Hester
Rating: ★★★★★

So much better the the fl-36
“I recently broke down and bought the FL-50r and I couldn’t be happier with it. The refresh is so much faster. I’ve played around with the fact it will fire when it sees another flash go off, which I think is a neat function. I have an E-510, so it doesn’t have the ability to fire it wirelessly, but I’ll upgrade to the E-30, E-3 or the replacement for the E-3 (whenever that happens). Anyway, if you are considering the FL-36, don’t bother. Find the money for the FL-50r.” – By G. Pearce
Rating: ★★★★★

FL-50R is THE flash for Olympus Four Thirds Digital SLR’s
“Absolutely the best feature of this flash (for me) is its power. At ISO 400, with the lens at f4, the auto flash will shoot out to 25 meters. That’s 82 feet! Switch to ISO 800 or f2.8 and you can shoot a subject over 100 feet away. The GN (Guide Number) for this flash is 50 (in meters). If you do your calculations in feet, the GN is 164!” – By Loren
Rating: ★★★★★

A no brainer flash purchase for all Olympus SLR users
“Ease of use from a mechanical point of view is easier with the FL-50 compared to the FL-36. It may seem like a minor thing, but with the FL-36, you have to push two buttons in order to rotate the head to shoot in a bounced fashion; with the FL-50–> just one button. I minor thing, but in the field, every little thing counts… Overall resulting image: obviously since the FL-50 has more power, one is apt to get a higher percentage of good shots compared with the FL-36.” – By Harry M. Shin
Rating: ★★★★★

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Olympus FL-50R Expert Reviews

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Olympus FL-50R User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Olympus FL-50R Features & Specifications

The FL-50R is an external flash unit that allows wireless flash settings to be controlled from the camera body. Wireless flash transmission channel settings enable selection of flash/no flash for groups of multiple flash units.

In addition it allows TTL auto, auto, and manual modes to be set; offers a bounce and swivel head; and flash coverage is automatically adjusted in several steps to correspond to the image area when zooming. The FL-50 provides GN28 at a 12mm focal length (equivalent to 24mm on a 35mm camera; ISO 100) and GN50 at 42mm focal length (equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm camera; ISO 100).

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