Olympus FE-240

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The Olympus FE-240 is the world’s smallest and thinnest 5x optical zoom lens camera with a 38-190mm range. The camera features 7.1 Megapixel, Nightproof Technology and a 2.5″ LCD Screen. The camera is measuring only at 93.5mm x 56mm x 23.4mm, weighing 115g and it’s running on Li-42B LI-Ion battery.

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Cameras.UK reviews the Olympus FE-240 (rating: 69/100) and writes;
“The colours produced by the FE-240 look a bit weak to me. Whether or not you like the depth of colours in a photo is a matter of personal taste, but I like to see stronger colours than I can see here….A longer zoom lens and a pocket sized design are great ideas. However I was very disappointed with the Olympus FE-240. Looking back over my tests I cannot remember being less impressed by any other camera for a while. Sorry Olympus, but this camera just does not work for me.”

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Olympus FE-240 and writes;
“Though the FE-240 is not our first pick in the ultra-compact class, due to its “only OK” image quality and “slower than most” shooting performance. I was happy to see that this model showed better performance than past Olympus models. With a generous 5x optical zoom lens, loads of easy to use exposure modes, high-quality 2.5-inch LCD, durable exterior, and a price tag of US$249 or less, I feel it still rates a “good value” for a camera in this class. Don’t need a 5x zoom but like the features of this camera? Check out our review of its twin, the FE-230, with a 3x optical zoom an a price tag or about $50 less. “

CNET has reviewed the Olympus FE-240 (rating: 6.6/10) and writes;
“Despite the Olympus FE-240’s sluggish performance and almost complete lack of manual settings, it’s still a pretty good camera for new users. If you simply want to take decent photos and don’t want to fiddle around with a lot of menus and buttons, it’s a acceptable choice. Its price may seem a bit high for such a simple camera, but its photos look good, it’s easy to use, and it’s small enough to take almost anywhere…The bottom line: The Olympus FE-240 is slow and doesn’t have any manual settings, but at least it takes good pictures.”

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 22.03.07)

Olympus FE-240 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams
Olympus FE-240 Sample Photos @ Olympus Australia
Olympus FE-240 Sample Photos @ Pbase (coming soon)


– Download Olympus FE-240 Quick Start Guide
– Download Olympus FE-240 Basic manual
– Download Olympus FE-240 Advanced manual


London, 25 January 2007 – With the new FE-240, Olympus has successfully packed extraordinary magnification power into a surprisingly compact camera body. A 5x zoom lens enables users to close-in dramatically on the action from afar. Yet, despite having to incorporate this high-performance lens, the slim and stylish metal body – available in either silver or black – easily slips into any pocket. A straightforward “one button, one function” design and a big 6.4cm LCD screen make using the FE-240 a pleasure – and a 7.1 Megapixel CCD means that the photos are brilliant too! The Olympus FE-240 will be available in UK camera shops from February 2007 with an estimated price of £180. For further information call 0800 0720070 or visit www.olympus.co.uk.

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