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Olympus FE-200 is an ultra-compact, metal clad point-and-shoot digital camera (announced on 22.08.06) with 6.0 effective megapixels, 5x optical zoom (equivalent to 28 mm – 140 mm), 10 scene modes (e.g. Sports, Fireworks, Self-portrait) and 2.5″ LCD Screen. The camera is measuring 98 x 59 x 27 mm (3.9 x 2.3 x 1.1 in), weighing around 195 g (6.9 oz) and is running on rechargeable Lithium-Ion.


Olympus FE-200 Latest Price

>> REVIEWS (last updated: 16.01.07)

Steve’sDigicams have reviewed the Olympus FE-200 and write;
“Bottom line – While the Olympus FE-200 has the ability to capture nice photos, includes several user-friendly exposure modes, and offers a 5x optical zoom with a nice wide field of view, shooting performance is comparable to the speed of a snail at full sprint, which really turned us off. I was disapointed to see that there were not more advanced controls offered for novice users, however this model is aimed more toward the complete novice. At about $249 or less, the FE-200 doesn’t offer the greatest value, we suggest you take a look at other manufacturer’s entry-level models before making a final decision. “

DigitalCameraReview have reviewed the Olympus FE-200 and write;
“Image quality was disappointing. I like the combination of a 5x optical zoom and the 28mm (equivalent) wide angle. However, images were, in a word, blurry. The details were not as crisp as I prefer and it seemed like things got worse as you zoomed in. Colors were generally good under straightforward lighting and exposure was also good, in general. Chromatic aberration (purple fringing) was well controlled and better than the FE-190…Bottom line, I would have a hard time recommending this camera. For the same price, you’ll be able to find much better cameras, like the Canon Powershot A530, Nikon Coolpix L2 or Coolpix L3.”

CNET have reviewed the Olympus FE-200 where they rate the camera 5.4/10 and write;
“Image quality also disappointed us. While the FE-180 and FE-190 produced indoor shots with excellent white balance, the FE-200’s shots were beige-colored and dull. On the bright side, the camera’s lens operates well, with virtually no distortion at full zoom and slight barrel distortion at the wide angle position. This does little, however, to improve the camera’s otherwise mediocre images. The good: Decent lens; small body. The bad: Poor performance; no white balance controls; exposure problems. The bottom line: This extremely sluggish shooter is a poor choice when compared to less expensive alternatives.”

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 16.01.07)

Olympus FE-200 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams


Olympus FE-200 v1.1 Firmware Update


London, 23 August 2006 – For a wider view, reach for the Olympus FE-200. This ultra-compact, metal clad camera features an impressive 5x zoom lens that stretches from wide-angle – great for landscapes – all the way to telephoto. So, no matter where the photographers are, they can zoom in on the action. And with an intuitive “one button, one function” design and an onboard Help function, the FE-200 is simplicity itself to use. Photographers using the FE-200 will be able to tackle pretty much anything using its 5x zoom lens (28-140mm equiv. on 35mm camera), from breathtaking panoramas to stunning close-ups. Photos are captured in crystal clarity by the camera’s 6.0 million pixel CCD and, with several special scene modes to choose from and no-nonsense “one button, one function” controls, great results are all but guaranteed. There’s even a handy Help function that clearly displays explanations of what camera features do on the large 6.4cm LCD screen. Today’s entry-level cameras need to be small, powerful and easy to use. The FE-200 ticks all these boxes.

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  1. Eribert Loehner says:

    I purchased this camera brand new from some remaining old stock at a local camera shop. I understand this camera sold for $249 US when it was first released. Would it be worth this today? No. Is it a great camera? No. It is a mediocre camera by todays standards. I paid $80 Canadian for it. That would be would be 35 Pounds Sterling or $85 US.

    I bought it to take pictures on extended motorcycle trips, to upload photos en route. For this it is ideal, and if it gets lost or damaged along the way, no great loss.

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