Olympus Evolt E-330 – Review @ PopPhoto

Popular Photography Magazine has recently posted a review of the Olympus Evolt E-330, a 7.5 megapixel MOS sensor Digital SLR with Live View feature which enables you for framing of shots without the need to look through the view finder.


“Noise is also improved at higher ISOs; it doesn’t reach Moderately Low until ISO 400. After that, noise reduction kicks in, holding noise down to Moderately Low even at ISO 1600, with about a 10 percent loss in resolution. (We also noticed a slightly higher dynamic range in the highest-quality JPEG images compared with the E-300, but this is not as obvious when you shoot in RAW or TIFF modes.)

The bottom line on this Evolt? It’s a splendid improvement over the E-300 in terms of image quality and AF sensitivity. And for the few hundred dollars more than you’d spend on the older E-300 ($600, street) or the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT ($750, street), you get the only DSLR capable of a live color preview — and a big, swiveling LCD monitor to enjoy it on.”

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