Olympus Evolt E-330 – Review @ DigitalCameraInfo

DigitalCameraInfo has recently posted a review of the Olympus Evolt E-330, a 7.5 megapixel MOS sensor Digital SLR with Live View feature which enables you for framing of shots without the need to look through the view finder.


“We tested the EVOLT E-330 in low light settings ranging from 60 lux, which is enough light to read by comfortably, to 30, 15 and 5 lux. 5 lux is about the light level in a room lit by one of two candles, and is challenging for any digital camera. We set the E-330 to ISO 400 and shot at a range of shutter speeds. We test many DSLRs at ISO 1600, but chose not to do that with the E-330 because Olympus warns that its settings above 400 are an extended range and the manual has reservations about image quality at the highest ISOs.”

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