Olympus E-500 – Review @ dcviews

Dcviews has reviewed the Olympus E-500, an entry level Digital SLR camera with 8.2 Megapixels, a 2.5″ LCD Screen, and the legendary SSWF anti-dust reduction system. In conclusion they write:

Olympus E-500

“What we liked about the Olympus E-500 is the fact that, for the price of an entry level camera, you get a very advanced machine. The E-500 has so many features that it will take the real enthusiast some time to figure them all out, whereas relative beginners can simply leave the camera in Auto and get great results every time. We believe that this camera might well put Olympus back in the top three of camera manufacturers where they belong. The dual lens kit especially makes it the best value DSLR in its class as you get a complete system to handle almost every photographic situation for a very competitive price. Thanks to its excellent picture quality and delightful handling, we are sure you would find this a great camera to own.”

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