Olympus E-3 Rumor

Breaking News (16 October’07):
Olympus has announced the E-3! – Go to Olympus E-3 Reviews

Olympus has unveiled the E-3 (previously introduced as P-1) at a Korean Photoshow. Rumor has it that the long awaited Olympus E-3 will be announced as soon as October/November 2007 in the US.


It looks like the camera will feature a pop-out LCD screen (a very handy feature for shooting photos above one’s head or down by the ground), Live view, pop-up flash, an optional battery grip, and uses the four-Thirds lens mount system.

More photos from the show..






3 Responses to “Olympus E-3 Rumor”

  1. Rex Buenavista says:

    I heard rumors of financial problems at Olympus that hindered the development of this model. For whatever reason, it took a really long time for the E1 upgrade, and as an E1 user, I hope this model was worth the wait.

  2. Tom says:

    This really looks good. I love the pop-out LCD!! What an innovation to a prosumer DSLR camera…I bet Canon and Nikon will copy this feature and add it to their future DSLR cameras. Just like the live-preview and sensor cleaning system technology. GO OLYMPUS!!!

  3. Juan Dugay says:

    I agree with Rex,I’m a E-1 user too and been waiting for the new release for a long time,I’m about to sell all my Olympus lenses and cameras to change brand, the new models from canon and nikon like D-40 and D300 are really atractive.I love my olympus gear and I hope they release the E-3 soon.

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