Nissin Di866 Speedlight

Nissin Di866 Speedlight has a guide number of Main flash:198 (ISO100) feet at 105mm, Sub flash: 12 (ISO 100 m) or 17 (ISO 200 m) for 35mm lens angle coverage with a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body. It features TTL Dedication TTL hotshoe (on camera flash), Wireless TTL and Slave synchronization (off camera flash); Bounce Head, Swivel Head; Zoom Head 24-105mm, Manual Power Ratio: 8 levels 1/1 through 1/128; Recycle Time 3.5 sec. Exposure Compensation ±3.0Ev (TTL flash power). The Nissin Di866 Speedlight measures 2.7 x 2.2 x 7.2 inches and weighs 13.3 ounces.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Nissin Di866 Speedlight Expert Reviews

Dpanswers reviews the Nissin Di866 Speedlight and writes;
“For me, the Nissin Di866 delivers where it counts. It does TTL well on and off the camera, and the built-in “dumb” slave mode also makes it equally suitable for “strobist”-type work. Comparing it to Nikon’s product line, I find it a better choice than the similarly priced SB-600, which is just too stripped down… The Nissin Di866 fits nicely into the gap between the SB-600 and the SB-900, and the hole left by the SB-800, with Auto FP not working in AWL mode the only significant flaw.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Nissin Di866 Speedlight User Reviews

Great Flash, Excellent Value
“The build quality is quite good. It would be nice to have the metal locking shoe that the Canons have, but the thumbwheel mount is quite robust and I have never broken this type of mount. I especially like the idea of being able to upgrade the firmware via a USB cable, as digital devices seem to become obsolete very quickly. The color display is a nice touch and I find the di866 to be very easy and intuitive to use. You can be up and running very quickly. The Nissin di866 is a full featured, quality, professional level flash unit with the added advantage of much bang for the buck.” – By Patrick
Rating: ★★★★★

Flash worked great
“The flash worked well on TTL and Auto, flash power was consistent and never failed to flash.
The only reason I rated it 4 instead of 5 stars is the color temperature is cooler and the images were bluer than the Canon 580 nEx II flash (images compared side to side). Great deal for the money. Next time we will set the camera white balance on cloudy and see if that makes the flash images match.”
– By dk
Rating: ★★★★☆

Good product
“Build quality is decent but not great, you loose the weather sealing from the 580 at the hot shoe, sturdy but not as well built as the 580, nissin should license the 580 shoe mount locking system from canon, it’s still the best out there… Colour LCD works, the menu is easy to use with out the manual but the lcd is a bit slow to respond, need to figure out how to turn the lcd off when not needed as it is distracting…” – By Brendan Bhagan
Rating: ★★★★☆

Good product
“I was thinking to buy a Cannon 580EX or Nissin DI686, so for the price difference and specs I took the decision to buy this flash. It is a good flash: fast, solid and works good with my cannon 450D as main flash and also works good with 430EXII (430EXII as slave and Nissin as master) “ – By AFlores
Rating: ★★★★★

Very Impressed
“After deciding I need a flash for my 50D, I decided on the Speedlite 430EX II. However, I decided to do some research first and I’m glad I did. I’m semi-pro and I’m still learning about lighting, but I’ve been very surprised by this Nissin. The LCD screen is very easy to use and the operation is great. The swivel and tilt are solid and the unit feels very sturdy…” – By Paul Nelson
Rating: ★★★★★


Nissin Di866 Speedlight User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Nissin Di866 Speedlight Features & Specifications

Color and Auto Rotate Display bears simple and user friendly features of our design concept
The Color Display will automatically follow camera angle in different position and six icons interface gives user friendly operation and representing different menus – Auto, TTL, Manual/Av, Multi, Wireless TTL (Master/Remote) and Customer Setting.

Various Functions – TTL, Manual/Av, Multi Flash
TTL: Supporting Canon E-TTL, E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL. Flash light is automatically controlled by the camera but the flash exposure value can be compensated.
Manual: Flash power can be adjusted manually at 22 levels, from full power to 1/128 power at every 1/3 stops. The appropriate distance to the subject is shown in the display in accordance with the aperture value set on the camera.
Av priority: The flash light can be automatically controlled by the photo sensor built-in the flash unit instead of TTL metering. The F. Stop can be set from F1.4~F16. The distance at the F-stop set on the flash and camera is shown in the display.
Multi Flash: The power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128.

The best solution for off camera flash technique
En03 The Di866 Wireless TTL system support Canon E -TTL/ E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL. Di866 can be used jointly with Canon and Nikon original flash as either Master and Remote (Slave).
The Di866 also supports digital (pre-flash system) and analogue (film type camera’s flash and/or studio flash under both of Manual and Av. priority mode.
Multi-Flash: Repeating flash for multi-exposure image in one frame.
The power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128.

Enjoy flash shooting with more features

The Di866 provides an extra small flash below the main flash. This small flash gives a fill-in light while bouncing the main flash. Bouncing the light may shadow the underside of face, and this fill-in flash brightens up the shadow.

Auto Zoom
Auto Zoom covers 24~105mm focal range. Light diffusing panel covers wide 18mm (35mm format)

TTL exposure level is accurately calibrated for standard balance in accordance with Nissin’s standard. If any adjustment is however required, or if you like to set your own preferable level, it can be adjust for about + _ 3Ev. by every 1/3 step.

Quick Loading Battery Magazine

The Di866 has battery magazine system same as Di466. A convenient battery magazine provides all four AA-size batteries slot in the same direction, so that the batteries can be correctly inserted without fail even in the poor light condition.

External Service Box
External Power Pack Socket – Di866 supports Nissin Power Pack PS 300. X terminal – Di866 has X-terminal socket for flash synchronization. USB Service Port – Di866 provides a USB port to update the latest firmware.

Rear curtain sync and High speed shutter
In Rear curtain sync., the flash fires just before the rear curtain closed. By using this function at slow shutter speed, a moving subject will appear with such moving marks behind.
High speed sync. is recommended for daylight flash photography.

Flash head tilts up to 90°and rotates horizontally 90°to the right and 180°to the left.

Fill-in reflector and Light diffusing panel installed

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