Nissin Di028 Speedlight

Nissin Di028 Speedlight has a guide number of 65 at ISO 100 with Nikon iTTL, Drop-down Diffuser. It measures 2.3 x 1.4 x 3.6 inches and 3.5 ounces.

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Features & Specifications

Nissin Di028 Speedlight Features & Specifications

It’s easy to carry.The smart, portable design fits in small spaces,such as pockets and handbags.

It’s easy to use.Clip it on the camera and shoot.The flash ensures that you always get the image you expect.


Speedlite Di28 is designed to allow firmware updates to fit cameras that may be released in the future. The Di28 thus has application beyond the current generation. A charge for the firmware update service will apply, varying depending on the area.Please check at your local dealer for details about the update service.


Please chack the compatibility chart.


The Di28 is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL, E-TTLII system, and Nikon’s i-TTL system. A cutting-edge digital TTL flash system enables more precise and stable control over the flash.

One button sets all functions. Power on and off and select the TTL flash level compensation with a single button. Even novice flash photographers will be able to use all the functions easily, without complex technical knowledge. Clip it on, switch it on and press the shutter. The flash will produce an picture outstanding.

The power of the flash can be controlled with TTL flash level compensation. Whereas total exposure is controlled by the camera’s EV compensation function, the flash can compensate for exposure on the main subject with little impact on the exposure of the background scene. TTL flash level compensation is one of the most useful yet simplest flash technologies, allowing the subject to be emphasized or the desired contrast to be attained. See the sample pictures below, showing the difference between the camera’s EV compensation and TTL flash level compensation.

Flash power level is adjustable from -1.0EV through +1.0EV in 0.5EV steps. The indication lamp changes color to indicate the power level.

[EXAMPLE]Hold down the power button for 3 sec. to turn it on.
Panel_2 Flash power level / Lamp / color
When the flash is ready / +-0EV / Green
Push the power button / -0.5EV /Blue
Push it again / -1.0EV / Blue blinks
Push it again / +0.5EV / Red
Push it again / +1.0EV / Red blinks
Push it again to return / +-0EV / Green

TTL Flash Compensation with the Di28
+1.0EV +0.5EV -0.5EV -1.0EV
The subject sharpens
To create a setting sun effect

Standard condition

EV compensation using the camera
+1.0EV +0.5EV -0.5EV -1.0EV
The entire scene brightens The picture itself darkens

The Di28 automatically enters sleep mode when not in use for 5 min., and it is reset when touching the shutter button or any button of the flash. If the unit is not used for 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off.


Powerful guide number
G.No.20 has double the power of the built-in flash of a DSLR camera.

Wide angle diffuser detachable
It softens the flash light and diffuses the light to satisfy the coverage angle of a 20mm lens.

Flash Power Lock system
The Di28 is compatible with either theFE lock (Canon) or FV lock (Nikon) flash systems.

Rear curtainsynch system
Nikon and some Canon cameras set the flash for rear curtain synch. photography. The Di28 follows the command signal of the these cameras for this function.

Red Eye reduction
Available with Nikon cameras only. A small flash beam is automatically produced for short distance portrait shots to prevent the red-eye phenomenon.

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