Nikon SB-29

Nikon SB-29 features TTL automatic control with Nikon F5, F100, F80, F65 or FM3A; Manual control: full (M), 1/4 (M1/4) and 1/32 (M1/32) output; Flash coverage 20mm (flash modules set horizontally); 24mm (flash modules set vertically). The Nikon SB-29 measures 119 x 133 x 28.5mm (4.7 x 5.2 x 1.1 in.) and weighs 410g (14.5 oz.) (without batteries).

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Expert Reviews

Nikon SB-29 Expert Reviews

PBase reviews the Nikon SB-29 and writes;
“The SB-29s is a great accessory for those with a limited shooting distance (eg. with macro bellows) and want to get some frontal illumination for their subjects. However limiting the SB-29s only for macro use is really like driving a Viper at 40mph. There’s definitely more potential.”
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Nikon SB-29 User Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Nikon SB-29 Features & Specifications

* Main unit can be attached to the controller unit, making it compatible with lenses whose filter attachment rotates when focusing
* arious combinations of flash outputs possible: Flash output of either or both flash modules (left or right) can be selected; Flash output balance of both modules (left : right or right : left) can be set to 1 : 4
* Covers picture angle of 20mm lens (flash modules set horizontally) and 24mm lens (flash modules set vertically) at a distance of 1m (3.3 ft.) with 35mm-film cameras.

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