Nikon Introduces Speedlight SB-400

The SB-400 gives photographers the opportunity to enjoy brighter and more natural lighting for images taken using a flash. It is designed to suit entry-level digital SLR users yet it is also suitable for more experienced users. Those who have a camera within the D2 series will also benefit from the convenient portable flash unit. The SB-400 offers a guide number of 30 (ISO 200, m), and effortless bounce flash function and is controlled in i-TTL and the D40’s M (manual) mode.


Due to its compatibility with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, entry level users are able to experience a sophisticated wireless lighting system that is easy to use. Its flash head can be tilted in 4 steps, horizontal, 60, 75 and 90 degrees, and has a flash shooting distance range from 0.6m to 20m (depending on the ISO setting). Slow Sync, Red-eye Reduction and other flash modes can also be set on the camera body.

Nikon Speedlight SB-400 Major Features

Compatible with i-TTL and D40’s M mode
Flash head can be tilted in 4 steps; horizontal, 60, 75 and 90 degrees
Flash shooting distance range: 0.6m – 20m (depends on the ISO setting)
Guide number: 30 [ISO 200, m, 20°C]
Angle of coverage: 18mm (with Nikon-DX format cameras), 27mm (with Nikon F6)
Depending on the camera in use, the following flash modes are available:
Slow Sync, Red-eye Reduction, Red-eye Reduction with Slow Sync, Rear-curtain Sync, FV Lock, exposure compensation, M (manual, only with D40 camera)
Power source: two AA-size 1.5V batteries (also compatible with lower voltage batteries)
Note: SB-400 cannot be used with cameras not compatible with Nikon Creative Lighting System.
SB-400 is not compatible with Advanced Wireless Lighting.

Speedlight SB-400 Specifications

Electronic construction Automatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and series circuitry

Guide number (20°C/68°F) 30/98.4 (ISO 200, m/ft), 21/69 (ISO 100, m/ft)

Angle of coverage Light distribution covers an 18mm lens when mounted on a Nikon DX format camera and a 27mm lens when mounted on an F6

Flash shooting distance range 0.6m to 20m (2 to 66 ft.) (Varies depending on the ISO sensitivity, zoom-head position, and lens aperture in use)

Flash mode i-TTL, M (manual, only with the D40)

Compatible cameras All cameras compatible with Nikon Creative Lighting System

Flash exposure control set on the camera Slow-sync, Red-eye reduction, Red-eye reduction in slow sync, Rear-curtain sync flash, FV Lock flash, manual flash (with D40 camera)

Bounce capability Flash head tilts up to 90° with click-stops at 0°, 60°, 75°, 90°

ON/OFF switch The ON/OFF switch turns the SB-400 on and off

Power source / min. recycling time / no. of flashes (at full output)
With fresh batteries (These data may vary depending on battery condition)
Two AA-size penlight batteries (1.5V or lower) of the following types:

Batteries Min. recycling time (approx.)
Min. number of flashes / interval between full flash output and ready light on*
Alkaline-manganese (1.5V) 3.9 sec. 140/3.9-30 sec.
Lithium (1.5V) 4.2 sec. 250/4.2-30 sec.
Oxyride (1.5V) 3.1 sec. 150/3.1-30 sec.
Ni-MH (2600 mAh) (rechargeable) (1.2V) 2.5 sec. 210/2.5-30 sec.

*When firing the Speedlight at full output once every 30 seconds (120 seconds with lithium batteries.)

Ready light Lights up when the SB-400 is recharged and ready to fire
Blinks to indicate: insufficient light/insufficient battery power/incompatibility of camera with SB-400/overheating
Flash duration Approx. 1/1300 sec. at full output
Mounting foot lever lock Provides secure attachment of SB-400 to the camera accessory shoe with a mount pin to prevent accidental detachment
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 66 x 56.5 x 80mm (2.6 x 2.2 x 3.1 in.)
Weight (without batteries) Approx. 127g (4.5 oz.)
Included accessory SS-400 Soft Case

These performance specifications are applicable when fresh batteries are used at normal temperature (20°C/68°F).

Price and availibility
RRP: £149.99
Sales Release Date: January 2007

Source: Nikon Press Release

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