Nikon D700 Rumor

Last update – 02 July’08: It’s official! Nikon has launched the D700
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A Chinese photography forum has a thread with some images of Nikon D700 brochure shot using a cellphone by a guy who works in a printing company which printed the instructions of Nikon D3 before.





If it’s true, it looks like that printing company just lost (probably) their biggest client. Nikon will make sure they never deal with that company.

6 Responses to “Nikon D700 Rumor”

  1. Graham says:

    It looks legit to me.
    It’s time to save some money and find someone who still wants to buy my D100.. 😉

  2. Pirx says:

    interestingly enough, the forum thread is now defunct. On Nikon’s request?

    anyone care to translate the message to English?

  3. fotosniper says:

    D100? haha, no ones going to buy that dinosaur

  4. John says:

    Finally! the 5D Mark II competitor from Nikon. This should be interesting to see the ‘war’ between these two rumored cameras. I’d go for the Nikon D700

  5. John Doe says:

    To me it looks like a fake…

    -In the 1st pic, it has D200 plugs, the top housing is not big enough to house a full frame prism and it looks like it has an 18-200mm lens on it. why would they put a DX lens on it to showcase a full frame camera???

  6. Nick says:

    Yesterday, my local camera shop, at my request, asked Nikon about details of the new DSLR. Nikon UK confirmed there will be an announcement within 2 weeks but were not at liberty to say what!

    So there, crystal clear!

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