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Nikon D5000 is a 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor DSLR camera features D-Movie Mode with sound to record 720p HD movie clips, Nikon 3D Color Matrix Metering II, Continuous shooting as fast as 4 frames-per-second, ISO 200 to 3200, Built-in image sensor cleaning, 19 Auto-exposure Scene Modes, 11-point autofocus system with 3D Focus Tracking, In-camera Retouch image editing, GPS geo-tagging, One-button Live View, and a 2.7″ Vari-angle color LCD monitor. The camera measures Width 5.0 in. (127mm) x Height 4.1 in. (104mm) x Depth 3.1 in. (80mm) and weighs approx. 19.8 oz. (560g)
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Expert Reviews

Nikon D5000 Reviews

PhotoCracti reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Digital noise is remarkably well controlled making the D5000 one of the best in its price range at high ISO levels… As easy to use as any entry-level DSLR in auto modes, the D5000 provides greater speed, reliability and versatility plus advanced amenities.”
Rating: N/A reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
Pros: Image quality is excellent, D5000 provides great mix of manual control and ease of use for a DSLR, LCD can twist and swivel away from the camera, Battery life is good for DSLR camera, Good collection of printed materials – quick start guide and user guide. Cons: Learning the function of each button could be time consuming, Autofocus can be slow, especially in low light, Experienced photographers will want more features, LCD could use more resolution”
Rating: ★★★★½

NeutralDay reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“I really like the user friendly interface of the D5000, which will provide ample, but subtle guidance for newcomers, and stay out of the way of enthusiasts.. So, for any consumer looking to get their first DSLR camera, or for the photographer shopping on a budget, I highly recommend the Nikon D5000.”
Rating: N/A

TrustedReviews reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The Nikon D5000 is a well made and well equipped mid-level camera ideal for those upgrading from an entry-level DSLR and looking for more features. Performance and handling are excellent, autofocus is quick and reliable, and image quality is very good under most circumstances. Video mode has no AF and the monitor opens the wrong way, but other than that it’s a good little camera. “
Rating: ★★★★½

ByThom reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Autofocus performance is better than I expected. The D5000 uses the CAM1000, and as we discovered with the D90, Nikon’s new twist of combining metering and autofocus data can provide some surprising focus gains.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PhotographyReview reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The Nikon D5000 is exactly the kind of digital SLR most photographers should be buying. It offers great performance, excellent image quality, solid features and a couple bonuses – HD video and the tilt-swivel LCD. The D5000 is more camera than most people will ever need.”
Rating: N/A

Shutterbug reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The pop-up flash is not very powerful, and if you really like to do family gatherings or extensive flash work get yourself an auxiliary, but for quick outdoor fill the built-in works fine”
Rating: N/A

PhotographyBay reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Overall, I highly recommend the Nikon D5000 to anyone looking for a feature-rich and very capable DSLR on an entry-level budget. There are plenty of great DSLRs on the market – some offer more features and some may be cheaper. Image quality in the D5000 rivals cameras much more expensive than it and, if you buy something cheaper, you’re going to miss out on some cutting edge stuff that only the D5000 offers.”
Rating: N/A

DPInterface reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“To summarize, the D5000 essentially take most of the good stuff (autofocus system, image sensor and consequently, good image quality characteristics) from the D90 minus a few features like the in-body AF motor and puts them into a form-factor of a more familiar, less intimidating body of an entry-level digital SLR. For newbies looking to buy their first digital SLR and avid, existing SLR users alike, the Nikon D5000 is a good camera that deserves my recommendation.”
Rating: N/A

RegHardware reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“You get a good set of features, lots of automation and plenty of manual control for the more adventurous. The articulating LCD screen is a bonus, despite its limitations when using a tripod and it’s relatively low resolution. However, if you’re tempted to trade up for the D5000’s video recording feature, you’ll be disappointed. That said, the D5000 is a fine model and if you’re looking for a camera that offers more than the average entry level DSLR, you should certainly put it on your shopping list.”
Rating: ★★★★½

PCW reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The Nikon D5000 is an impressive camera that falls between two stools in terms of its price. Good points Excellent still photos; high-definition video handy folding screen. Bad points Kit lens is disappointing; no auto-focus in video mode”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Shutterbug reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“You cannot interrupt the recording with a still; that simply stops the video. But the quality of the video was very pleasing and I trust that those who choose this camera partly because of this feature will use it extensively.”
Rating: N/A

CameraLabs reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly DSLR though with powerful features and image quality to match, the Nikon D5000 is a great choice, and comes Highly Recommended. If it really does replace both the D60 and D40 though, Nikon now has a gap at the truly affordable end of the range.”

Rating: ★★★★½

ImagingResource reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Still image quality from the Nikon D5000 reveals one awesome image maker, whose high-ISO settings are mind-blowing. Even ISO 3,200 looks usable at 8×10, and downright decent at 5×7. And that, far more than the latest gee-whiz feature, the kind of advancement we like to see in a digital camera: better image quality in low light. The Nikon D5000 is a very impressive digital SLR camera.”
Rating: N/A

TerryWhite reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The D5000 is extremely compact and although it’s smaller than what I’m used to, it still feels good in my hands…I’m happy with my purchase and can’t wait to shoot some more video. “
Rating: N/A

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“With excellent still image and video quality, class leading burst abilities, and loads of user-friendly exposure settings, the Nikon D5000 is sure to please most any photographer, whether this is your first SLR, or you’re picking up a lighter backup unit. “
Rating: N/A

MacWorld reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“In our lab tests for image quality, the D5000’s photos looked a bit dark and muddied at automatic settings, but improved at manual settings. In my casual shooting outdoors, the manual settings were more consistent, but the Program mode setting often overexposed my images.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“With excellent still image and video quality, class leading burst abilities, and loads of user-friendly exposure settings, the Nikon D5000 is sure to please most any photographer, whether this is your first SLR, or you’re picking up a lighter backup unit. “
Rating: N/A

PhotographyBlog reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The new DSLR combines the imaging assembly, AF module, Live View and HD video recording capabilities of the former with the beginner-friendly infopanel-based operation of the latter, in a form factor that lies somewhere in the middle between the two.”
Rating: ★★★★½

DigitalTrends reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“We have no problems recommending the Nikon D5000. That said, if you go this route, you might consider a different lens, such as the 18-105mm bundled with D90. We found the D5000 3x kit lens to be wanting, and really were looking for some extra reach.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

DCRP reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“In conclusion, the Nikon D5000 is a very nice digital SLR that takes most of the good stuff from the D90 and puts it into a more compact, less expensive body. The D5000 doesn’t support autofocus on that many lenses, so if you have a collection of older Nikkor glass, you may want to consider stepping up to the D90…”
Rating: N/A

BuyNShoot reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Overall, D5000 photographs appear clear and crisp with only a slight decrease in sharpness at full zoom and colours seem to reproduce well across the board and are especially vibrant outdoors. Images do tend to come out quite contrasty but with well-saturated colours and good skin tones.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

InfoSync reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The Nikon D5000 cranked out the best image performance in its class, and we can safely deliver this news after putting a good flogging to the Pentax K2000, Canon Eos 500D and Olympus E-620. We strained to find any faults with the D5000’s showing, but came up short, which is a very good thing.”
Rating: ★★★★½

DxOMark compares Nikon D5000 to Canon EOS 500D/Rebel T1i and writes;
“The Nikon D5000 sensor obtains exceptional results for low ISO settings and outperforms the Canon EOS 500D sensor in Dynamic Range and Color Depth. When ISO increases, however, the differences become smaller, but the Nikon D5000 still maintains a slight advantage.”

LetsGoDigital reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“the Nikon D5000 an excellent performing DSLR camera if we look solely at image quality… In general, we are very pleased with the Nikon D5000. This kind of DSLR camera, aiming at a wide target group, shows that quality and an appealing suggested retail price can go hand in hand… “
Rating: ★★★★☆

ShinyMedia reviews the Nikon D5000;

CameraLabs reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“There’s a lot to like about the Nikon D5000. It takes the great image quality of the D90, not to mention its HD movie mode and AF system…If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly DSLR though with powerful features and image quality to match, the Nikon D5000 is a great choice, and comes Highly Recommended.”
Rating: ★★★★½

T3 reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Picture quality on the D5000 is just about identical to that of much more expensive cameras: It’s a sign of maturity in the Digital SLR market, perhaps, but if you’re shooting at low ISO, the crisp 12.9 mpx sensor will give you the same image quality as you can expect from much more expensive snappers..”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCMag reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“If you already own Nikon lenses, the D5000 is a no-brainer. But for those who don’t have a brand allegiance or are just entering the D-SLR realm, I have to recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, our Editors’ Choice, over the D5000 for its higher 15.1-megapixel resolution, sharper LCD, and ability to autofocus when shooting video.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCWorld reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“the D5000’s photos looked a bit dark and muddied at automatic settings, but improved at manual settings. In my casual shooting outdoors, the manual settings were more consistent, but the Program mode setting often overexposed my images…”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Nikon D5000 Review by WDC;

CNET reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“The good: Very good photo quality; fast; video capture; articulated LCD; nice kit lens; built-in wireless flash controller. The bad: Small, dim viewfinder; middling video quality; too easy to accidentally change focus points. The bottom line: Though it falls short in its design, the Nikon D5000 delivers a nice feature set, speedy performance, and great photo quality for the money.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

TechRadar reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Image quality is very high, and the wide ISO range of 100-6400 (equivalent) is adequate for virtually any situation. Noise levels increase above ISO 800, but detail capture remains very high… All in all, the Nikon D5000 is a well thought-out DSLR with something for everyone.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Nikon D5000 First Impression Video by DigitalRev;

PhotoReview reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“Video quality was almost identical to the D90’s with sharp, detailed pictures at the 1280 x 720 (16:9) setting but uninspiring sound quality. Best results were obtained when the camera was tripod-mounted and with slow-moving or stationary subjects, because then we could use the manual focus to keep the subject sharp. “
Rating: ★★★★½

Engadget reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“the D5000’s image quality will be more than adequate…For the DSLR newcomer, we view the D5000 as a perfect device for those willing to pony up the $850 (kit) / $729 (body only), but only if you’re honestly not planning on utilizing the video mode extensively “
Rating: N/A

GoodGearGuide reviews the Nikon D5000 and writes;
“As for the camera’s still image performance — it’s stellar. The focus system has 11 points and it focused very quickly. It can track objects in three dimensions within those focus points… We recommend it for anyone who wants to make the leap from a compact camera to a digital SLR. “
Rating: ★★★★½

Nikon D5000 hands-on preview video by WDC;

Nikon D5000 hands-on preview by LetsGoDigital;
“If we compare the topside of the Nikon D5000 with that of the D90, we find a bigger difference. In particular the small status display is a luxury which you enjoy as Nikon D90-owner. If we look at the back of the D5000, we again find a large similarity with that of the D60.”

Nikon D5000 hands-on preview video by MegaWhatTV;

Nikon D5000 hands-on preview by PhotographyBlog;
“First impressions of the new Nikon D5000 are mainly positive. It offers similar build and handling quality as the D90, retaining that distinctive Nikon feel, whilst simplifying some aspects of its operation.”

Nikon D5000 hands-on preview video by ShinyMedia;

User Opinions

Best camera ever!!Solid product and excellent image quality despite awkward design
“If you’re transitioning from a point and shoot to a DSLR and you want something with great features that still is easy to use, this is the camera for you. I couldn’t be happier with my D5000–when you get that crisp shot of a kid opening presents or a beautiful bride coming down the aisle, it’s so worth it to have made this investment!” – By yoendri
Rating: ★★★★★

Nice features for a high end consumer camera
“We had used a Nikomat, and other SLR Cameras for film, and wanted to take advantage of our compatible manual lenses. The DX format is suitable for our needs. The vari-angle LCD is useful outdoors. With a proper stand and lenses it is also usable for copy work. The image pre-processing is a handy feature, too. Works nicely with the newer nikkor F1.4 and F1.8 normal lenses, as well as AF-S micro-nikkor 60mm.” – By Crawford
Rating: ★★★★★

awesome camera for amatures
“I am learning about the photography and this camera is the best one for amatures. This has info button that explain the function and a lot easier functions. I simply love playing with it.” – By Abish
Rating: ★★★★★

My first DSLR, and I’m very impressed
“Being somewhat of a nerd, the amount of customization and control in this camera is very impressive. The software seems very evolved and detailed. The pictures are of course fantastic.” – By AndyB
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Camera
“This was our first DSLR after just point and shoot cameras. We bought a package with two lenses. It has been fabulous for all the typical family with children uses. If I could do it all over I might buy the body separate and slowly invest in better lenses.” – By PJ
Rating: ★★★★★

Value meets professional grade images
“I’ll put images produced by my D5000 up against images out of a D90, D300, and even D3 any day of the week. Spend your time on the art of photography and not so much the technology, and you’ll be surprised where your affordable D5000 will take your photography skills.” – By PaulWard125
Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent body, very useful tilt screen
“Although I hated to see D3100 and D5100 come out a few months after purchasing this camera, I am glad I went in for this because of the Vari Angle LCD screen, which, for beginners like me is awesome to compose the shot. Got it at a good price on Amazon, works well, no complaints!” – By Calvinbhai
Rating: ★★★★★

Great mid-level camera
“This camera is a fantastic way to get started in the world of digital SLRs. It is loaded with features, much to many to write about here, and is quite easy to use. My wife who has never used an SLR took to it right away going so far as to say she loves this camera! Great battery life, even when using the flash, fast response and very well balanced. I would highly recommend this camera!” – By J. Taylor
Rating: ★★★★★

Price Point Camera
“For the beginner, casual shooter, or tourist I would really be able to say this is a great go. We, in class, have been using the D5000 for many situations and find it quite acceptable for learning more technical aspects (shutter control, aperature control) and students are able to clearly see these values. Great for learning.” – By Stephen Pellerine
Rating: ★★★★★

Stellar perfomance for over the 3 years that I’ve owned this camera
“The FX processor is a true 35mm processor where the DX processor auto-crops all your pictures. I have taken some absolutely breathtaking pictures with this camera. Get a high-speed SD card to cut down on processing speeds. The Nikkor 50mm 1.8D is an amazing lens to put on this camera and extremely cost effective.” – By Gregory C W Archer
Rating: ★★★★★

Great SLR by R. Nicholson | Rating: ★★★★☆
“Having bought my first D-SLR (a Nikon D60) last November, I was intrigued with the announcement of the D5000. At the time of my D60 purchase, I was considering the D90, but after holding both in person, I chose the D60 for its the much smaller form factor, lighter weight, and much lower price tag. I have been largely happy with the D60, although its low-light performance while dramatically better than my old point-and-shoot camera still wasn’t fantastic.”

Great Camera by Lenny | Rating: ★★★★★
“Overall, this is a great camera. The gentleman writing the 1 star review apparently bought this camera with incompatible expectations. This will not replace your digital or HD camcorder (and was not designed to; read reviews on other dslr’s that do HD video([…], etc.)) The shutter response is very quick. Pros over the D60: bracketing, 11-point AF, higher resolution, faster reponse time, swivel LCD; over D90: $450 cheaper…. Will write more after I get to use it on vacation next week.”

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Nikon D5000 Sample Photos

Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ NeutralDay
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ DCWatch
– Nikon D5000 Sample Photos: ISO 100ISO 400ISO 800ISO 1600ISO 3200 @ PhotographyReview
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ PhotographyBay
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ DPInterface
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ RegHardware
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ CameraLabs
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ ImagingResource
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ PhotographyBlog
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ DCRP
– Nikon D5000 Sample Photos: 12345 @ InfoSync
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ LetsGoDigital
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ CameraLabs
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ Engadget
Nikon D5000 Sample Photos @ DPReview
– Nikon D5000 Sample Photos: 12345 @ NikonUSA

Nikon D5000 Sample Videos

Nikon D5000 Presentation Video by Nikon Australia


Nikon D5000 User Manual (PDF)

Click to view or right click and select Save Target As..(Firefox) or Save link as.. (IE) to download

– Download Nikon D5000 User Manual in English (PDF – 20MB)
– Download Nikon D5000 User Manual in Spanish (PDF – 20.1MB)

News & Press

Nikon D5000 Service Advisory

July 23, 2009

Notice to users of the Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera

Thank you for choosing Nikon for your imaging needs.

While Nikon takes great measures to assure high quality in its imaging products, it has come to our attention that an electronic component related to power control in some Nikon D5000 digital SLR cameras does not meet factory specifications and may, in certain circumstances, prevent the camera from turning on, thus preventing operation of the camera.

Indications of this issue include:

1. The camera cannot be operated when the power switch is on, even with a fully-charged battery.
2. The camera cannot be operated with the EH-5a AC Adapter connected through the EP-5 Power Connector and the power switch on.

The solution:

Nikon has isolated the issues related to this and has effectively resolved them. Preparations have been made at a special Nikon repair facility to streamline the processes associated with the solution. Service related to this issue, including the cost of shipping affected D5000 cameras to Nikon, as well as their return to customers, will be free of charge. To further minimize customer inconvenience, Nikon will return serviced cameras to customers promptly, employing (whenever possible) transportation that limits transit time to two days.

Is your D5000 affected by this Service Advisory?

To determine if your D5000 is affected by this Service Advisory, click the Check Serial Number link below and enter your D5000 serial number where indicated. If the serial number verification determines that your camera requires service, additional easy-to-follow instructions will be provided. Otherwise, no further action is necessary.

Check Serial Number

We apologize for any inconvenience that Nikon customers may experience as a result of this issue.

Nikon remains committed to providing only the highest quality photographic products and hopes that you will continue to choose Nikon for your imaging needs.

If you have additional questions about this Service Advisory, please contact Nikon Customer Relations at 800-645-6678, 8am to 2am (Eastern), 7-days-a-week. To contact us by e-mail, visit Nikon at, select Service and Support and then select Contact Service and Support.

For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions provided in the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nikon D5000 Press Release

MELVILLE, N.Y. (April 14, 2009)—Nikon Inc. today introduced the new D5000, a digital SLR camera with a host of features and capabilities that deliver superior performance and image quality along with amazing versatility for photo enthusiasts and those new to digital SLR photography. Leveraging Nikon’s expertise and innovative technologies found in its pro-level D-SLRs, the 12.3-megapixel D5000 enables users to capture exceptionally stunning images and High Definition video with remarkable ease.

Nikon-D5000-flip-lcd Whether consumers are progressing from a point-and-shoot digital camera or looking to upgrade their current digital SLR and elevate their photographic expression, the D5000 serves as an ideal solution. First time D-SLR photographers will appreciate logical and easy-to-use controls, while creative enthusiasts will appreciate the D5000’s robust combination of features, technologies and performance. The D5000 boasts a versatile 2.7-inch Vari-angle LCD monitor that encourages shooting with a fresh perspective, Nikon’s revolutionary D-Movie Mode and expanded automatic Scene Modes, delivering superior Nikon innovation in a compact, user-friendly design.

“The Nikon D5000 represents a cornerstone in Nikon’s D-SLR line, marrying simplicity and instructive features with superior technology and HD video, allowing the user’s ability and creativity to growâ??with the camera,” said Edward Fasano, General Manager for marketing, SLR System Products at Nikon Inc. “While its easy-to-use design will attract first-time D-SLR photographers, the D5000’s rich feature set and high performance will also appeal immediately to more experienced enthusiasts. The D5000 is sure to inspire creativity and originality.”

Broadened Creativity and Adaptability

Photographers can easily compose stunning images on the Vari-angle LCD monitor that they can view in a normal position fitting securely within the camera back, or swung out to be rotated or tilted. The monitor can also be stowed with the LCD panel tucked against the camera back to protect the screen when not in use. This tremendous freedom of movement, along with four Live View autofocus shooting modes, affords users the opportunity to shoot from a multitude of imaginative angles. Easy one-button Live View activation now features Subject Tracking autofocus (AF), which automatically locks onto a moving subject. Even if the subject leaves the frame and returns, Subject Tracking AF maintains focus, making the D5000 ideal for capturing fast moving children and pets. In addition to Subject Tracking AF in Live View, the D5000 features Face Priority AF, which automatically detects up to five faces in a scene and focuses on the closest subject; Wide Area AF, which offers a large AF area for optimal hand-held shooting; and Normal Area AF, which provides pinpoint accuracy when shooting with a tripod.

The D5000’s D-Movie Mode allows users the exciting ability to record HD movie clips (1280×720) at a cinematic 24 frames per second with sound. Photographers will appreciate the quality produced whether creating vacation clips or intertwining still photographs and movies in a post-production creative montage. Additionally, the D5000 is compatible with a comprehensive assortment of AF-S NIKKOR interchangeable lenses to provide users with the ability to capture perspectives not possible with typical consumer video recording devices. When using any NIKKOR VR lens, D-Movie clips benefit from Nikon VR image stabilization, which automatically activates during recording to deliver added sharpness and image stability. VR image stabilization also extends the D5000’s performance in low-light situations. D-Movie clips are recorded onto an inserted SD or SDHC memory card and saved as Motion JPEG AVI files for easy editing with widely available video editing software. Further bridging the gap between point-and-shoot cameras and more advanced D-SLRs are the D5000’s 19 automatic Scene Modes, which free users to capture beautiful images without having to manually adjust camera settings. With the broad range of automatic Scene Modes, including Sports, Portrait, Candlelight, Silhouette, Autumn Colors and more, D5000 is the perfect camera for anyone looking to make inspiring images in challenging photographic conditions.

The D5000 also incorporates a comprehensive set of in-camera editing features to make the most of captured images without the need of a computer. The D5000 also introduces several new Retouch features, including a Soft Filter effect, which applies a smooth appearance to faces or the entire image; Perspective Control, which helps correct distortions in perspective often encountered in photographs of architecture; and Color Outline, which creates monochrome outlines of objects in images by eliminating color and tonal gradations. The D5000 saves each of these edited images as a separate JPEG file, ensuring the original image is left unmodified. With Nikon’s exclusive Picture Control Settings, photographers can quickly select various image appearance profiles that include Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape settings. In addition, Picture Control provides the ability to create and store up to nine user-defined custom profiles to reflect each user’s personal preferences for hue, color saturation and image sharpening.

Extensive playback options allow users to review their photos in groups of four, nine, or 72 thumbnail images. Alternatively, users can select the Calendar View to easily group and select images by date. These playback features can be viewed either on the Vari-angle LCD or an HDTV with HDMI connectivity available via a dedicated HDMI port on the camera.

Proven Image Excellence

Consumers will immediately appreciate the benefits of the D5000’s 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor coupled with Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED image processing system, which delivers highly detailed images with vibrant color reproduction and low noise across a broad ISO range. The D5000’s normal ISO range extends from ISO 200 to 3200, allowing for superior shooting in low-light conditions. Additionally, the D5000’s ISO range can be expanded to a Lo 1 setting of ISO 100 or a Hi 1 setting of ISO 6400, furthering the opportunities for previously impossible shots.

Nikon’s exclusive 3D Color Matrix Metering II, in conjunction with the EXPEED image processing system, contributes to the D5000’s ability to capture breathtaking images by instantly evaluating the exposure elements of each scene and comparing it to an onboard database of information from more than 30,000 images. These split-second calculations allow the D5000 to ensure the right exposure—even when conditions are extreme. To push creative boundaries even further, the D5000 allows picture-takers to also use Center-Weighted and Spot metering for added personal control.

Smooth, Swift and Quiet Operation

The D5000’s 11-point auto focus system utilizes Nikon’s exclusive Scene Recognition System with Face Detection to help create the best possible images in a variety of shooting environments. Nikon’s 11-point AF offers best-in-class speed and accuracy, helping to ensure sharp focus, shot-after-shot. Single-point AF is suggested for static subjects, Dynamic-area AF for moving subjects, Auto-area AF for spontaneous shooting and 3D-tracking with 11 AF points for maintaining accurate focus on a subject moving throughout the frame. Paired with Nikon’s AF-S Nikor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR image stabilization lens and the ability to shoot at four frames per second, the D5000 easily captures moments other cameras miss. Nikon’s VR image stabilization lenses reduce the blurring in images due to camera shake, allowing photographers to shoot hand-held at as many as three full stops slower than would otherwise be possible.

The new D5000 also features the innovative Integrated Dust Reduction System, which offers both an electronic sensor cleaning when the camera is powered on and/or off and the Airflow Control System, which directs dust away from the sensor with every snap of the shutter. These functions work to clear image-degrading dust from the sensor’s optical low-pass filter, helping to ensure spot-free images. In addition, the D5000 features a Quiet Release Mode that reduces the mirror cycling noise for discreet shooting in sensitive situations, such as weddings and other ceremonies.

System Expandability

Photographers and enthusiasts alike can also appreciate the D5000’s system expandability, as the camera can work in conjunction with a variety of Nikon accessories including a broad assortment of Nikkor AF-S interchangeable lenses. While the D5000 offers a versatile built-in flash, the camera is also compatible with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System and capable of Advanced Wireless Lighting when using the SB-900 Speedlight or the SU-800 Wireless Commander. For those looking to document their photo excursions with geo-tagging, the D5000 is compatible with the optional GP-1 GPS Unit, which automatically records latitude, longitude, altitude and time information when a picture is taken.

The D5000 also works seamlessly with Nikon’s powerful Capture NX 2 image editing software (available for purchase separately), for more advanced photographers seeking greater control over their post-capture images. Capture NX 2 simplifies the path to beautiful images with easy-to-learn editing tools and a highly versatile and elegantly simple interface, which streamline editing procedures.

Pricing and Availability

The Nikon D5000 will be available at the end of April 2009 in the following combinations.

* Nikon D5000, body only $729.95
* Nikon D5000, 18-55mm VR kit $849.95
* Nikon D5000, 18-55mm VR, 55-200mm VR kit $1099.95

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    I only buy a digital camera for the photos not for the videos. I you want to make videos buy a handycam…

  6. Rimmer says:

    I don’t seriously think they know where this camera sits in the Entry Level/Novice-Enthusiast/Enthusiast-Semi Pro/Pro battle field. As an owner I would put it in the Enthusiast position as that’s what I am and it does it all for me. The image quality could however elevate the camera to a Semi Pro (or Pro level is there is such a thing as Semi-Pro). Fiddly but a truly great performer.. Especially with a decent bit of glass in front of it.

  7. I had already survey this Nikon D5000, its upgraded from D60 and D40..its also have little specification of D90 such as CMOS sensor and 12.3MP camera..anyway the video mode is a i already buy this D5000..and i really satisfy on it function..tq nikon..

  8. billah says:

    can anyone tell me please, is telephoto lens performs/picture quality differs as same if I fix in my camera? telephoto lens makes the picture two times biger than original lens. thanks

  9. Pat says:

    I just bought the Nikon D5000 this past weekend. So far I have tried out many dfferent settings and functions on the camera such as: Shutter Priority, Aperature Priority, Macro, Interval, ect… I have been extreemely impressed with the stunning detail the camera takes and the speed. I take alot of amateur action shots such as siblings running, jumping, swimming, and daily activities and the camera has stunned me. This camera is WELL WORTH IT and will please you day after day.

  10. Pat says:

    I agree with this comment 100% and the picture quality is like a pro!

  11. Raj says:

    I agree with Kris.. why should we criticize a good camera only for the average video quality.. who shots video with a DSLR ???? Use a handycam..Simple..

  12. cyle says:

    When veiwing my photos How can I keep the zoom there. I need to print out a picture but can only see what i want when i zoom in. I need it to stay there.

  13. Joshua Lee Frazier says:

    Actually, a lot of companies are switching over to DSLR’s for Video.

    Even the Season Finale of “House” was shot on the Canon 5D Markii.

    They are less expensive than traditional
    “Handicams”, and with the removable lenses, you can achieve a greater Depth of Field.

    And to those who complain about “No Auto Focus” for Video.

    Cinematographers do not use auto focus.

    You should always go Manual.
    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  14. AAkash says:

    plese sendme more informactin Nikon d5000

  15. Top Rated Cameras says:

    This is such a very helpful and informative post specially for newbies like me. I just bought a new Nikon d5000 camera and I’m on the process of learning some basic shots particularly with different light settings and a lot of other stuffs. 🙂 I learned a lot from your post and I hope you post some more techniques on photography! 😀

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