Nikon D200 Vs Canon EOS 5D

Skyfire, has posted some sample photos and personal opinion of the new Nikon D200 and Canon EOS 5D.

Click on the image to enlarge (warning: large file!)

He commented:

Canon 5D:

– I really like the groove for the middle finger right under the shutter release, it makes the main hand grip feels very comfortable. The body material seem to be softer too.
– Focusing is veru fast, seems to be even a tad faster than the D200.

– The body is solid, though not as “brick” like as the D200. Overall the Canon setup seem to be lighter compare to the D200 setup.

– I like how ISO, AF and Metering can be changed single handedly, though the buttons could use some different styling, they all feel the same to me (small round dots I can reach with my index finger) and I get easily confused which is which (practice should definitely help though).

– The rest of the interface is unintuitive (at least for a Nikon user like me). To delete a picture I have to press Delete, rotate the main dial once then press OK: 3 operations total (is there a faster way to do this that I don’t know about?). Why not just press Delete twice? To go from picture to picture I need to use the sub-command dial (the one above the shutter), and to move around while zooming I need to use the small joystick button? It seems to be added as an after thought. And why can’t I just turn the command dial to change ISO to Hi-1? (is there a custom setting I missed here?) The Nikon setup just seem to be much more intuitive, something I can pick up and get use to right away. (again, this is my opinion and I may be very biased on this matter).

– “The grass really isn’t greener on the other side”. Even with a great camera like this, I managed to take some fuzzy and flat pictures. This convinced me it’s my skills and photographic sense that needs improvement, not the equipment :)”

Nikon D200:

– Love the view finder and the new focusing mechanism? It’s much brighter now, and definitely got a D2X feel to it. Love the additional information displayed in it as well (constant ISO information).

– The body is SOLID, like a brick (not as much “brick” as the Leika R9 though, which is ok since that one is overdone 🙂 Love the feel of the buttons and the shutter, very pro like. Only the multi-function dial is a bit hard to turn, I have to hold on to the little “lock” to turn it, which is kind of tedious. To turn from “S” to “M-lock” I had to turn it 4 times… The metering mode selector is easier to use than I imagined though, it can be easily controled with the thumb.
– The LCD screen is HUGE, it is bigger than some portable LCD TV’s screen 🙂

– There is also a groove under the shutter release, though it doesn’t recess as much nor as comfortable compare to the 5D. There is a ridge on the back of the camera that keeps digging into my palm, making the camer feel heavier than it really does. (or the 5D is just lighter, period).

The Canon’s shutter noise is quieter, and I noticed how quiet it is to do depth preview, most probably contributed by the electronic diaphrame closing mechanism. Now that I think about it, the (relatively) loud shutter noise from the Nikon’s most likely is contributed by the mechanical diaphrame mechanism. The noise from the Nikon does sound more “professional” though, espeically when I’m firing away at 5fps 😉 “

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