Nikon D200 – Review @ CNET

David D. Busch has recently posted his review on Nikon D200, the latest DSLR camera with a 10.2 megapixel CCD sensor, 5 frames per second with bursts up to 37 JPEGs (Fine-Large) or 22 NEF (RAW) images and a large 2.5″ LCD screen. CNET gives the camera 8.3 out of 10 (Excellent) and writes:


“Indeed, the D200 performed very well at ISOs ranging from 100 to 800. We’ve never really gotten an image with our D2X at ISO 1,600 or ISO 3,200 that we were happy with–and we still think the Canon EOS 5D’s noise control is a bit better–but the D200 produced quite acceptable images at both ratings, especially when we set the High Exposure Noise Reduction adjustment to High. Speckles were reduced with only a little loss of detail. The D200 also has a separate Long Exposure Noise Reduction setting that worked well. “

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