Nikon D200 – Review at reviewed the pre-production Nikon D200 and wrote (page was translated with altavista):

” An important criterion with the image quality represents naturally also the quality of the exposure. Those might be raised over each doubt, there the D200 the same technology (3D-Color-Matrixmessung II) as the cameras of the D2-Serie for exposure measurement begins. 1996 weihte Nikon with the F5 the 3D-Color-Matrixmessung. Up to then cameras analyzed excluding the light distribution (depending upon number of messzellen more or less roughly) and could let the brightness and the contrast of a scene flow in this way into the exposure measurement also. The F5 and/or the 3D-Color-Matrixmessung revolutionized the exposure measurement to that extent that new factors with were included. That was first once the spatial situation of the main motive in the picture, which was determined over the AF sensors (vertical/horizontal position) and over a chip in each objective (to the transmission of the distance information). Therefore also the 3D in the name. But the true innovation was that “color came into the play”. On the basis a RGB sensor with 1.005 pixels (a kind mini CCD) the color distribution in the picture could be considered roughly. That was enough, around e.g. a scene with much blue (sky) and much green (meadow green, leaves o. ae.) to identify by comparison with a data base (those at that time already 30,000 reference situations covered) as landscape and adapt the exposure accordingly. All this can do also the 2. Generation of the 3D-Color-Matrixmessung, which refined now however algorithms for recognition as well as to the balancing of shade and lights in the picture possess and thus not only the gesamtkontrast in the picture, but also the contrast of the brightest and darkest picture portions into the exposure measurement also lets flow.”

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