Nikon D200 Online Tips & Tutorial

If you just bought Nikon D200 and you want to make the most of your new camera, Nikon has provided a website that inlcudes basic knowledge, useful techniques, and tips on taking good photos with your Nikon D200


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2 Responses to “Nikon D200 Online Tips & Tutorial”

  1. A.F.M Gazi says:

    I am working with a daily news paper of Bangladesh, The Daily JaiJaidin.

    This is a nice site for learning photography.


    A.F.M Gazi

  2. Nikonshooter says:

    The Nikon D200 is a very powerfull camera a true beast and beasts need to be controlled for the best results

    i LOVE my D200 i can still recommend it to anyone . My tips

    : By the D200 Field Guide by David Busch and read it along with the D200 on the other hand

    I have never had to fail my D200 on me , the only minus point is that with a vr lense the battery is empty soon but i always have the grip on it and always 2 fresh batteries (en-el3e) in it

    a second tip is shoot shoot shoot , only practice will learn to get the most out of it the fast way

    i always use highspeed cf cards 80x -200x cf cards and read tips of others using a D200

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