Nikon D200 & Nikon D70 Noise Test

Ken Rockwell has done some noise performance test on his Nikon D200 and Nikon D70, He writes:

Nikon D200

“I compared it to my D70. It’s difficult to compare two cameras with different resolutions. I shot my D70 at Large FINE JPG (also 2.5 MB files) and then upsampled them to match the D200. Specifically, for each D70 image I changed Image Size to 3,885 x 2,583 via Bicubic Sharper. The aspect ratios aren’t identical between the D200 and D70 which explains my weird choice of pixel size. These give the same pixel counts. I see more noise in the D70, but also more texture. I’ll call it a draw. “

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  1. ali says:

    tak de la molek d70s lagi

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