Nikon D200 – Hands on Review at PopPhoto Magazine

Michael J. McNamara had his hands on the new Nikon D200 and wrote a review at Popular Photography Magazine. In conclusion he wrote:

Nikon D200

“At nearly one-third the price, the D200 will attract pro shooters who don’t need all the bells and whistles found on the D2x, and D2x owners will treasure it as a lighterweight backup body. If the D200’s image quality and advanced features live up to expectations in our tests, we think the extra $400 this DSLR will cost over the Canon EOS 20D is well worth it. The $3,200 EOS 5D maintains a full-frame advantage over the D200, but wide-angle shooters can choose from several ultrawide-angle DX series lenses available from Nikon at a considerable savings. The game goes on!”

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