Nikon D200 Banding Issue FAQs

Nikon USA and Europe has officially published a FAQs regarding Nikon D200 banding issues that have been found by several Nikon D200 users. Here’s our previous post regarding Nikon D200 banding issues.

Nikon D200 Banding Issues Sample

Question 1: Why do I occasionally see vertical lines in my images?

Patterns of vertical lines, sometimes referred to as banding, are a digital imaging artifact.
Lines can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the orientation of the camera at the time that an affected image was captured. Banding can become visible only in specific shooting conditions that include particular combinations of high contrast scene content, lighting, camera settings, substantial enlargement and the shooting environment.

Banding can be further described as long banding or short banding. Long banding will generally appear throughout an image. Short banding will not appear throughout an image. Commonly, if certain variables coincide, short banding can appear most prominently at intersections of extreme contrast and when an image is enlarged substantially. Appearance of short banding may typically be a pattern of physically short lines and will usually not affect the vast majority of images.

It is important to note that banding will generally be greatly exaggerated when an image is enlarged and viewed on a computer monitor. A useful printed image, even when enlarged to a size that relates to a substantially enlarged monitor image, will not exhibit the same banding (or for that matter, many other artifacts) that may be visible on a monitor. Therefore, artifacts that may be visible on a monitor often have very little practical correlation to the realistic use of an image file (e.g., an image viewed on a monitor in its entirety and enlarged prints).

Question 2: Do some cameras exhibit more banding than others?

The digital imaging artifact commonly known as banding can, in specific and unusual conditions, such as extreme exposure and/or exposure compensation settings and high contrast scenes, become visible.

Nikon has discovered that a limited number of early-production D200 cameras may, in specific and uncommon shooting conditions, record images that can present an excessive pattern of fine pitch lines throughout (long banding).

Question 3: If my D200 exhibits long banding, what can be done to minimize it?

If you experience this, Nikon will, without charge, evaluate your camera to determine if adjustment to the camera’s image output level is required. Adjustment, if required, will optimize the camera’s image output level, thereby reducing visible banding to a minimal level.

Nikon Technical Support personnel can evaluate an affected image file to (1); confirm that your concern is associated to vertical line artifacts and (2), if adjustment to the camera’s image output level will address the condition.

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