Nikon D100 VS Nikon D200

Weston Hickey has posted a small review with some pictures comparing his old Nikon D100 and the new Nikon D200.

nikon d100 vs nikon d200


-It FINALLY feels more like my F100, than a plastic POS. THANK GOD! This was one of my biggest annoyances with the D100.

-The Auto WB is OH SO much better indoors than the D100. Altough I don’t have any indoor comparisons in this post, I’ll have some up later on my website with a full review….for now…trust me….it’s extraordinarily better indoors.

-The LCD is big and beautiful.

-The shutter is quick and responsive as opposed to the 4 second shutter lag on the D100 (not really, but it sure felt like it).

-The AF is measurably faster with my AFS lens than with the D100. Though I don’t think it’s quite as good as my F100…although this could just be my inner Film side clammoring for attention.

-The controls are more like my F100 (which I like).

-The viewfinder display finally shows me what it’s focusing on and gives me queues when my battery is low. I’ve already started to find this immensly useful. It was somethat that I was very sad my D100 was without, but I had since forgot about….now I remember 🙂 .

-The dreaded consisten underexposure that made us D100 users lust after the Canon users “right-out-of-the-camera” shots is GONE! (don’t lie, you know that the Canon auto shots looked better that the Nikon Auto shots right out of the camera). I have yet to take a picture with that dreaded greyness that always accompanied my D100 and had to be dealt with in PS.

-The MB-D200 battery pack I bought to go with it feels like it was made by Fischer-Price. It feels MUCH more like a plastic toy than something that could withstand the elements like they claim the D200 can. If the D200 is magnessium-alloy, why not the battery pack?

-Battery life leaves a little to be desired, but it’s not bad with the MB-D200.


The camera was set at aperture priority at f8, Auto WB, Matrix Metering, focal length of ~35mm, and shot in Large, Fine JPEG mode. The lens used was my 28-70 AFS.

Download original size of test images from Nikon D100 Vs Nikon D200

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  1. cris says:

    Look at these two pictures, I actually like the d100 picture better, but that might be because its better lit. Anyway the difference if looking at price of buying used is $150 vs $750. The d100 was a camera that professionals were using and could still used, if we look back at their photos, we wouldn’t scoff, we probably wouldn’t even notice the difference as in this case. For any beginner or any professional, it makes so much sense to stick with the d100, you’re just throwing your money away.

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