Nikon Coolpix L2 – Review @ CNET

CNET have recently posted a review of the Nikon Coolpix L2, a 6.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 21.02.06) with 3.5x optical zoom lens (36-126mm equivalent) and a 2.0″ LCD screen.


“Despite the Coolpix L2’s simplicity, image quality is surprisingly good. Shots have pleasing colors, although automatic white balance bleaches beige walls and curtains white. Test images are mostly sharp and crisp. The Nikon L2 has solid macro capabilities, although it’s tricky to get the subject in focus; at wide angles, the camera is frequently unable to focus. We noticed occasional purple halos along high-contrast edges, but the camera did a decent job of preserving highlights and shadows.”

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