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Irvine,California, August 23, 2006
Shortcut Software International Inc. is announcing the release of the new PhotoZoomPro2, S-Spline XL

The new version PhotoZoomPro2 will include an improved re-designed algorithm (named S-Spline XL), this new technology will result in higher output to surpass even the previous award winning Version 1. Perfect photo enlargements are possible with the patented in-house developed Shortcut S-Spline XL technology – self adjusting, advanced interpolation method, which will allow enlargements up to any size without any loss of quality.

Among professionals/semi professionals, internet hobbyists and digital camera users, quality loss caused by digital image magnification is a very common problem. PhotoZoomPro2 (with S-Spline XL algorithm) is able to render true to life image magnifications, without the serrated edges. The software is perfectly suited for image magnification in DTP, large format printing and industrial image processing (such as space technology, medical applications, security e.g.
police), but also the Internet and digital photography.

With the previous version, PhotoZoomPro 1, which also contained the patented S-Spline Technology; Shortcut, won many international awards (including Cebit America Award)

The additional new features of PhotoZoomPro2 are:

– Improved algorithm: S-Spline XL which allows better enlargements in terms of sharpness, true to life look & feel and lack of blurred, jagged images.
– Modified user interface: extensive support 48 & 64 bit images
– Cropping/rotating, improved batch conversion, mirror/flip
– Supports IPTC, EXIF and ICC profiles
– Up to 40 % faster enlargement processing than the previous version

Canon has been successfully bundling the PhotoZoomPro 1 with the Canon large format printers, since their users demand optimal zooming/enlargement capability for digital images.

Pricing is available on the website Upgrade pricing is also available for previous Version 1 users, as well as upgrade pricing from PhotoMagic & PhotoArtist.

Shortcut PhotoZoomPro2 is suitable for both Windows and Macintosh O/S as stand-alone application + Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements and Corel Paint Shop Pro/Paint compatible export plug in and is available in over 15 different languages.

About Shortcut Software:

Shortcut Software International Inc. is a software development & distribution company. The Shortcut brand was originally founded in 1997 and the company is headquartered in Irvine, California, United States. Shortcut is distributing it’s products trough country distributors, retail chains & OEM channels, and is offering attractive distribution programs and tools and rewarding marketing incentives. Shortcut’s flagship products are: PhotoZoomPro2, PhotoMagic, PhotoArtist and PhotoMobile and each product line is known for its user friendly interface with self evident cutting edge technology that makes the job easy and fun. No longer buying expensive products, steep learning curves and reading long manuals, or spending lots of time to
process your photos. With Shortcut, you get the job done with just a click of the mouse.

For more information, please contact Shortcut Software, please visit the website: or contact one of Shortcut’s global channel partners.

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