Nature Photography Tips Slideshow

The Nature Conservancy just launched a new bimonthly audio slide show from their award winning director of photography – Mark Godfrey. Mark walks you through some of our most captivating nature photography images and explains the story behind the shot.

Nature Photography Tips

View the first installment of the slide show by clicking on the image above and learn more about the craft and technique that go into great nature photography.

About Photographer
Mark Godfrey, director of photography for The Nature Conservancy, worked for several newspapers before covering the Vietnam War for the Associated Press and later for both LIFE and TIME magazines. He was a member of the photographer’s cooperative MAGNUM Photos and later director of photography for U. S. News & World Report. He has photographed a number of books for The National Geographic Society, including The Mighty Aztecs, Frontiers of Science and the National Geographic Outdoor Guide to the Great Lakes. He joined the staff of The Nature Conservancy in 2003.

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  1. Great slide show

    Very informative.

    We can always learn and do better!

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