National Geographics Bags and Tripods Collections

For the professional, an innovative automatic-leg model is ideal for those shots where speed of set-up is critical, while a carbon fibre model is light yet sturdy – great for long days of trekking and exploring. Two further models, the Tundra range, bring compact and light weight support to aspiring travelers. Compact and lightweight, Tundra offers a choice of ball head or 3-way pan head. A monopod is also available for ultimate portability.


Complimenting the pro tripods are two beautifully engineered Expedition Hydrostatic Heads. Employing a ground-breaking hydraulic system, the heads can be locked solidly in place with the minimal effort, while a rubber bellows system prevents dust and debris entering the ball section, helping to maintain silky smooth movement, no matter how rugged the surroundings.

A complete range of carrying solutions ensures everything is transported in comfort. The Earth Explorer series is manufactured using environmentally friendly, yet durable materials, including hemp and cotton. Comprising of two backpacks, two shoulder bags and an accessory pouch, the range is finished in khaki, so you’ll find the right size for your gear, and travel in style too.

For more information on the new National Geographic range of support and carrying systems, contact KATA UK Ltd on 01293 823232, or visit


NGET1 (Auto Tripod) £329.95
NGET2 (Carbon Tripod) £299.95
Tundra Tripods £54.95
Tundra Monopod £27.95
NGEH1 (Hydrostatic ball head) £224.95
NGEH2 (Hydrostatic ball head with sliding plate) £244.95
NGTB1 (Tripod Bag) £39.95;

Large Backpack £199.95
Medium Backpack £119.95
Medium Shoulder Bag £79.95
Small Shoulder Bag £39.95
Medium Camera/Accessory Pouch £17.95

Source: NG Press Release

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