Multiblitz Glamkit

Multiblitz has launched a new monolight-battery bundle called Glamkit for the North American market. Equipped with a sturdy trolley with a snug-fitting soft case and harness for the Propac battery pack, the Glamkit also comes with Velcro fastening straps for the included 8-foot including air-cushioned light stand. The Multiblitz Glamkit is a great choice for a quick 1-unit on-location set-up for glamour and wedding shoots. The Glamkit will be sold in US with price as follows: GLAMKIT 2 – $1,899 (US), GLAMKIT 4 – $2,099 (US), GLAMKIT 8 – $2,199 on December 01, 2011. For more info go to Multiblitz site or check the availability at


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