Monostat RS16 Professional Monopod

The PPMag has a pro-review of the Monostat RS16 Professional Monopod, a professional tripod features the revolutionary “Swivel Toe Stabilizer” with Max/Min Length of 157 / 62 cm and weighs 630 g;


“It’s tubular style is strong because a metal wall completely surrounds the leg and Monostat has chosen to use the old-school twist lock legs because, they say, twist-locks can always be tightened whatever the temperature. I would have preferred a softer more grippy rubber on the twist-locks rather than Monostat’s wide tread design, but I can see that their wider grooves are less likely to get filled with snow or mud when the going gets sloppy. You should be using some kind of gloves in these situations anyway, so maybe it won’t matter much.”

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