Microstock Photography Keywording Tips

Ellen Boughn has finished the second part of her keywording tips for Microstock Photography at Dreamstime;

keywording tips

“Overall Impression. First, get a general overall impression of the image and note the words that come first to mind:
• What does the image “say” to you?
• What is the image about?
• What is in the foreground?
• What is the biggest element?
• Which element has the most impact?
• What is the major element regardless of how much of the overall image it physically takes up?
• Ask yourself why would someone want to download the image. This may differ from why you made the picture. “


2 Responses to “Microstock Photography Keywording Tips”

  1. Mahroch says:

    Hi, thanks for tips. I use as a great help the page http://www.findphotokeywords.com or the other one of Yuri Arcurs.

  2. Tammie Jones says:

    do you need permission to sell pictures of national memorials? I read something about picture in famous building needing a property release, similiar to what a model signs is this correct?

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