MicroOLED Release Highest Pixel Density OLED Microdisplay

Grenoble, France, January 27, 2012. MicroOLED has released the Highest Pixel Density OLED Microdisplay which offers up to 5.4 million pixel density in 0.61-inch diagonal display. It especially designed for equipments that demanding high picture quality, such as professional camera and camcorder equipment, night vision systems and head-mounted displays used in surgery. Without present the black matrix, the new MicroOLED produces images resolution with highest quality. It make the 5.4 million-pixel 0.61 inch diagonal microdisplay most perfect to paired with equipments of defense, medical, and professional camera which demand sharp images with very smooth transitional tones.


Eric Marcellin-Dibon as the CEO of MicroOLED said: “We are really excited by the market potential of our new 5.4 million pixel density 0.61 inch diagonal OLED microdisplay that is superior in picture quality to any product in its category,”

He also add “This OLED microdisplay is already creating quite a stir among world leaders in imaging products who commend the high pixel density and the remarkable image quality. Moreover, the current trend in replacing optics with electronics components fits excellently with our ability to produce this exceptional picture quality in miniature format. We see many opportunities opening up in existing applications and new markets as a result.”

The 5.4 million-pixel 0.61 inch diagonal microdisplay enhances it performance in power consumption to achieve low level power consumption. This performance make it able to handle the High contrast of maximum 100,000:1 and high uniformity of 96% that be a key roles in picture quality.

The 5.4 million-pixel density 0.61 inch diagonal microdisplay will be marketed in three areas:

+ Head-mounted displays used by surgeons, where high resolution and quality of colors and contrast are a must.

+ Professional camera and camcorders, where picture quality is key.

+ Night vision applications, where heightened contrast and uniformity enable defense and security professionals.

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